Blood clot anxiety today

Hi :)

after a few days of quite calm with just short anxiety flashes, this day is again a nightmare. Today i dont have fear of heart attack.. today it is a blood clot which is my second obsession.

I would want to ask.. i had a blood tested for blood clot done 2 and half week ago.

if it was negative.. does it mean that still i cant have a blood clot in my lungs or can it somehow grow up in me so fast that now could have ? i had not any symptoms like swelling leg or change of color.. but i have read that it can happen that people have not any symptoms until it is the lungs.

So if the 2 and half week ago i was negative.. am i still safe ?


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  • Hi, im the same as you. Constantly thinking i have something wrong even though ive been to doctors etc 😞

  • If you want to talk to someone then feel free to message 😊

  • Marci76, you do not have a blood clot, you were tested very recently and it was negative, you do not have any of the symptoms of a blood clot on the lungs or anywhere else. This means you don't have a blood clot. As I often say: stop worrying about illnesses you don't have and instead address the illness you do have - anxiety disorder. When our nervous system becomes ultra sensitive due to anxiety it tricks us into believing we have all kinds of illnesses and even gives us symptoms that mimic real illnesses. But they're not real illnesses, they're fake symptoms and they can't harm you physically. So put all thoughts of blood clots and anything else you don't have right out of your mind and focus on the illness you do have. Doesn't that make a lot more sense, Marci76?

    And the way to overcome anxiety is to calmly accept without fear all the fake symptoms and bad thoughts, accept them completely for the time being, and give your poor old nervous system a break, stop flooding it with fear about illnesses you don't have and symptoms that are fake. And if you can practice Acceptance for long enough your nerves will return to normal and these bad fearful thoughts will trouble you no more, I promise you this.

  • thank you very much Jeff for all this words, i have read your message few calming me down... yes, it makes more sense what you said.. i just dont know how to accept the fears and not sure if all what i feel is just the anxiety. I am on medication , but they say it will start to work about 6-8 week of eating it.. im in 4th week and still very anxious. I will try to accept all the feelings.. i just dont know how yet..

  • Marci76, I know that Acceptance is not easy, worthwhile things are not easily won, if you calm your thinking and accept just for a minute or even a few seconds then you have begun yhe process of Acceptance, it is called 'glimpsing'. You can then build on that. With practice and persistance you will win through. The technique was developed many, many years ago by an Australian woman doctor called Claire Weekes and published in her book 'Self help with your nerves' in the U.K. also known as 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the U.S. and available from Amazon. This book has healed tens of thousands of people over the years by explaining in simple terms why we develop anxiety disorder, its many symptoms and the road to recovery.

  • thank you very much.. i will try to get the book and will try to learn this that i can win finally . thank you :)

  • When your blood is tested , they are checking your D dimer rate.If you had had a positive d dimer you would have been admitted to hospital without delay.I know this because as well as being an ex nurse, i have also had 3 seperate bloodclots.Relax and concentrate on trying to deal with your anxiety in positive ways.Try relaxation tape instead of google.Best wishes for the future


  • Hello, thank you very much for your answer. Can i please ask you as ex nurse.. last time when i was checked they said me that the blood tests are negative for blood clot... but still before.. it is about 2 months ago, when i was checked for blood tests too after very long traveling , the d dime was a bit higher.. they said is just a bit higher, but because i had a pain in chest ( not sure if it was real or the anxiety chest pain) they gave me pills for blood and second day i had CT and all was ok. But why i have it sometime higher if i dont have the blood clot ?

  • Hi , You may have had a small clot in the past that raised the d dimer a bit after clearing it yourself.also the d dimer is only causal indicator not absolute definate diagnosis.Its possible to have a slightly raised d diner and have no clot .Its usualky a combination of factors and signd present that makes up the clot diagnosis.


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