Suffering from anxiety alone.

I'm not sure what to say. Countless times I've spoke about this on websites like these, I've been criticized, make to feel worse and worst of all, told that it's a phase and I'll get over it. It's been my whole life I've felt like this. I cannot go to see my GP about it because I'm afraid they won't take me seriously because I'm under 18 because they never have in the past. I was thinking of going in the fall when I turn 18 but as soon as I start making plans to make an appointment I get really bad anxiety and brake out in a full panic attack. I want to be able to get help but no one seems to want to help me and stand by me in this. I don't know what to do and I'm not sure of who to talk to about it, either way I know I'll burst into tears and won't be able to talk because the lump in my throat is the size of a golf ball. I wish there was something like this, where I can write down my feelings, with real doctors to confirm what I already know so I can get past it.

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  • Hi your better off going to drs .... get some anxiety meds they will you alot and calm you down to cope with them better .. i feel your pain its been like 5 years with mi on and off ... its crazy what physical symptoms anxiety can give you .... atm I can't even play with my children with out my chest tightened and feeling I can't get enough air 😢 I could cry x hope u feel better soon x

  • Thanks, I think I'll try, maybe take someone with me to help me talk to them. I hope you feel better soon too. Take care x

  • Yeah take some one with you I couldn't get everything out I was that fuzzled lol or write it down its easier xxx

  • I'll try, thanks for your help :) xxx

  • Hi :-) I've suffered anxiety attacks for the last 12 years. I've been to therapy etc. I'd suggest you keep a diary for a week. Every time you feel anxious or a panic attack coming on, wrote down how you feel at that time, what you are thinking, what physical stuff you are going through. Then take that to your Drs and let them see just how you are feeling. It's not nice feeling like you are going through it alone. I hope your attacks get better with time :-)

  • Why on earth would a doctor not take you seriously because you are under 18? Thats the age for voting not for being ignored by doctors.

    Explain to your parents or a good friend the anxiety you feel about about making an appointment and they should be willing to make the appointment for you and if it helps come to the appointment with you. You can write down your concerns and anxieties before the appointment just as on this site and explain that you find it difficult to talk about and give the doctor the note.

    I'm sure your GP will take you as seriously as any other patient and if you don't feel this is true most practices have several GPs and you could always see another one. I suppose it might be just possible that a GP might not take an under 18 seriously although I don't believe it. You certainly would n't get two in the same practice doing this . That would be stretching credibility too far.

    Do you feel the doctor will not confirm whatever you are fearing ? Why would they do that ? What has a doctor got to gain by giving you anything but an accurate diagnosis ?

  • Hi commontwist,

    I am a fellow anxiety sufferer and also a student nurse. I am in the process of setting up a self help website and soon to be charity that will hopefully help people like us who need a bit of relief, someone to talk to whenever they feel unhappy, anxious, upset, depressed or anything else.

    It's dedicated specifically to depression and anxiety sufferers and will provide buddy's, mentors and advocates that people can talk to in a variety of ways instead of speaking to doctors, family, friends; give you a chance to speak about your worries or issues without any judgement or time limits.

    I've also added an online forum, online chat and group discussion option as well as a send it away box - a chance to get all your feelings down without the judgement from anyone.

    The pages are still in provisional planning stages but it may help a lot of you - as it's been designed from the research I've carried out on fellow sufferers. Please take a look and share it around - let's end this suffering in silence, thank you.

  • reay, that sounds a really good idea. I wish you well with it!

  • Talk to your parents. Have you told them exactly what you are feeling . Make sure you tell them how badly you feeling and ask them to take you to dr. Write down your symptoms so you can tell dr and your parents. If after youtalk to your dr and he says you have anxiety, you might ask about meds. After you have being diagnosed, post again so we can talk to you about things we do or have done to help with our anxiety. Anxiey is a disorder that affects many people so I'm sure the doctor will know how to help you. Do not be afraid to ask for help. We understand and care and will support you. Please see dr and let us know the diagnosis.

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