Can you have anxiety symptoms without feeling anxious?

Sometimes ill be sitting here and get symptoms of anxiety and not feel anxious. Is this normal? ps: im new here


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  • What symptoms are you feeling? My physical anxiety symptoms always come with anxious feelings. Sometimes physical symptoms bring on anxiety. Let us know more about your symptoms so we can help you.

  • Like i feel warm sometimes like my arm and cheek is burning and it all started when my anxiety started getting bad and it will randomly come back Also heart palpitations. And like sometimes I just feel scared for no reason. It may because im anxious and trying to not think about it.

  • Also rib pain. And like I notice every little pain.

  • Yes. It is anxiety. We notice all pains, any pains, and all pains we notice are torture to us. Feeling scared without anything scary around is, again, anxiety. Try to shrug your shoulders and say to yourself "so what", it's just a pain, it's just a warm sensation, it's just adrenaline, it's just anxiety, etc. Also, here is a great listen before sleep to help rewire your brain:

  • Thank you

  • Hi

    I know exactly how you feel ,I experience the same issues .

    I get burning strange feeling in my leer right teeth and when I feel this sensation the anxiety and fear comes with it .

    Just like you I can also feel the anxiety and feel very frightened for no reason

    You are not alone , I hate it and am struggling at times to deal with it .

    I have good days and bad days .

    Tried CBT , which is good but needs to be put into practice all the time .

    Do you feel physical pain / discomfort due to anxiety also .

    Do you have a. Lose person you can talk to ,

  • Sorry meant my lower teeth burn and do you have close friend to talk to

  • Adams I get lots of symptoms, mainly hot flushes when something comes to mind, it's like fear and I burn up. I get sensations in my stomach, neck and shoulder pain. Instead of fighting with these feelings I am now trying to bring them on to prove I am creating them, it's hard but I am trying.

  • Angela 15 ,I get terrible sensation in my tummy which can set off physical pain , I get so down and frightened and yearn for my life to be how it use to be without any anxiety .......

    The fear is horrid , I feel quite pathetic when this happens and just want to reach out for someone to take me away from these horrid feelings and go back to the life I had prior to this anxiety .

    Medication helps a lot but feel it still likes to raise its ugly head , it is ruining my family life at times and my social life ..

    Tried CBT and think it is a great tool but still can't put in in to practice enough .

    The burning feeling in my teeth is the part that really freaks me out ....

  • Paulina21 I am currently doing CBT but find very difficult to put in practice.

  • Angela 15..persevere it takes strength ..feel the fear and do it any way ...I know it can be difficult ...

    Facing things you avoid / fear / will help you

    Check out an audio ( or book )

    Called Dare ... I like the audio ,written and read by a guy that suffered for years with anxiety ..

    Personally think it is helpful , you will notice what he says is dealing with things head on like CBT .....

    Worth investigating ..


  • I have joined library and am going to go tomorrow to see if the have this book, downloaded sample earlier from internet.

  • It is great in audio , I like the way the guy speaks , book should be good also ..

    He has a pleasant sometimes comical way of dealing with situations , at times he is putting CBT into action

    Really hope it helps ,

    Anxiety and all what goes with it is horrid , can wreck your life , that's why sites like this help and things like CBT ,

    Knowing your not alone helps at times .

    Think you have to experience it to really understand

    Good luck

    Stay in touch

  • I don't know the answer , but I am with you on this one. My anxiety is most prominent when I feel very chilled out and relaxed, next minute my heart starts racing 120 plus beats a minute....I hate it 😕 Then I do become anxious because I worry that it is my heart and not just anxiety..

  • Hi i do all the time the symptoms just come out the blue which is weird but i guess thats anxiety

  • Anxiety isn't always intense fear. If you're thinking about your breathing, heartbeat and pains a lot you're anxious.

  • I absolutely believe so cause it's happened to me. I think subconsciously we can have the anxiety without even realizing it. Closing my eyes and taking slow deep breaths for 30 seconds has helped me in the past. I hope you feel better

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