How can you control the anxiety symptoms when you dont feel anxious

I need help on understanding how I can control the symptoms I have even when I dont feel anxious I.e I wake up feeling happy and determind and have a pretty good day them all of a sudden I go dizzy or feel sick get pressure head aches or zapping pains in my head and little pains in my chest its jus so frustrating


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  • It's mostly realising that you don't have to panic to get symptoms. I've been fighting with these for a while now. I wake up calm and out of the blue I'll get zap in my chest and my heart beats fast ect. I'm having cbt at the moment and the best advice I could give you is exactly the same as when your panicking. Deep breath and distract yourself. If you go with the flow and accept that it's not harmful it will pass. Have you ever noticed when we have a cold or ill our symptoms of headache and dizzyness ect. We accept it as we know it's just a cold. Try thinking it's just anxiety and will go. I know it's easier said than done but you'll get their :)

  • Thinking that helps a lititle but just the fear of it happening again almost makes you have another attack

  • Am just waiting to hear back from cbt am staying positive I am determined to get back on track :)

  • Ditto :) going for a day trip today somthing I e not done in a while

  • Hey,

    Check out Headspace.

    This is a very good website and will help you understand things. X

  • I will do thanks X

  • I have the same problem. ...

  • I've just had it now :( just woke up and my hearts beating fast then slow then fast ect I'm not anxious at the mo but it's scary

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