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Feeling anxious

I haven't got a clue y I keep feeling anxious around this time every night. I'm fine all day. I even went to the doctor today and because my last period was more of a spotting he's told the midwife im 8 and half wks instead of the 4 and half wks I thought I was. Shes going to ring me tomorrow. Most nights I feel sick, exhausted and SumTimes abit dizzy. Maybe because of the anxiety I'm waiting for symptoms of pregnancy and anxiety? There for im filling my self up of anxiety? There stands a good chance that's wat im doing. I've been given my folic acid today and I fetched them. I'm going to be fighting with them in the morning wen I have my first one. All because takimy medication is sumthing hate doing. Xxx

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Hi Donna

I hope getting this of your chest has helped as you have actually answered yourself as you posted & I agree , I think you are over thinking & maybe setting yourself up in making yourself feel more anxious

You no I have the med fear , but the one time all my fears would be pushed to one side was when I was having my kids as I knew I was totally responsible at this stage , so when you take that folic acid , which wont harm you , tell yourself I am taking this to protect my precious baby & to help assure its healthy , I bet that makes it easier :-)




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Hi whywhy I didn't even realise I had answered my own question :-) I am over thinking everything like I had abdominal pain which was very mild pain. So yesterday I asked the doctor he said it's it insides growing to carry the baby. Every little thing I'm heading fear to everything. I felt sick and dizzy again not long back. My mate said she did in both her pregnancys. With the boys I only had painfull boobs. Wen ever I feel sick and dizzy which is this time of nite I get anxious and there for add fear to it so then I feel worse. Xxx


Oh Donna

That made me laugh , answering your own question , must be the hormones , well at least you can blame it on that at the moment :-D

I told you , I had 2 girls carried them both with hardly any bother , then when I was carrying my son , it was totally different , maybe you are carrying a different sex , who knows :-/

Dont question how you feel , you have a few months of this yet , but worth it in the end , the first few months everything is adjusting & then you will settle down & hopefully the sickness will calm down :-)



I have learnt that the body can get into routines and anxiety can be one of them. So you can be anxious at the same time every day, for the last 3-4 weeks I've had the same tight chest at the same time every day and it goes off at the same time every day.

It's a bit like not sleeping the body can get into a rut about not sleeping and it's a case of trying to change that routine to stop it. I hope that makes some sense for you!!!!

Take care xxx


Ur body sure can get in a routine even with anxiety. Mine was bad all day at one point but was always worser at night. It all makes sense xxx


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