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Living with Aniexty


Hi everyone

Been suffering with anxiety for a year now been on diazapam but started on 6mg and now on 2mg one a day but have been to doctors this week and have asked for help to cut from 2mg to 1mg he has put me on prosonal 40mg three times a day , at the moment l am taking 80mg of proposal and 1mg of diazapan if anyone is going through this all full withdrawel fromm diazepam keep going it's so hard some times even with cbt but l wish others out there we can get there l never thought l would be at this stage but with other people's help on this sight and other outside help l hope l can get there it's not easy just to everybody who's suffers from aniexty there is alight at the end of the tunnel


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Hi 241951, I fully understand and applaud you for what you are going through. I was weaned off Xanax by substituting Valium with a slow withdrawal. It was the hardest thing I ever experienced but the end results is so rewarding. The thing is to keep that positive thought and never go backwards. No matter how difficult keep moving forward with your weaning. Best of luck to you and keep us posted. You are a positive role model that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong x

A low dose of Valium to manage your anxiety seems reasonable and cost effective.

Why rock the boat ? In the end you will be back to where you started with anxiety symptoms.

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