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Does Anybody Talk Out Loud To Themselves ?

...I always talk out loud to myself often fact I find it easier talking to myself than explaining myself to people.

I don't talk to myself in public though .

I have to put an act on most of the time when dealing with people ...and if I have to talk to someone when I can barely think I find it very difficult.

But I do talk to myself a lot ...and I always talk to the cat !!!!!!

Does anybody else talk outloud to themselves ? How often ? Every day ?

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Hi. Vince. I tell you what; talking to yourself is the only way to get sensible answers!! I used to do it a lot when I was ill and still do sometimes. Not in public as you say. That is the short cut to the nick! Forming words, sentences is very difficult in nervous illness. I used to get tongue tied. My 'friends' used to say, "Well, at least his illness has shut him up", and they were right.

I think 'garrulous' is the word as I was. (At least I can still spell). Still the same I suppose but at least not so bossy!! (I don't know though). I think the secret is to take our time and not try too hard. Anyway, Vince, how are these these days? We don't hear from you as often as we would like. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hiya Jon In Starbucks drinking coffee watching the snow Cant type on this phone much ...

Have a good evening vince :)


Snow!!! You keep it up there Vince. J.


Yeh i talk to myself. Things make more sense, Mind when i talk to the kids and ask them to do something, i may aswell talk to myself:-).

I honestly dont know anyone who doesnt talk to themselves. At work someone can be saying something and when you ask them, they will say i am talking to myself.



Yep , me too !

Have a rant with myself as well !

Sure we are all perfectly normal lol

whywhy xxx


All the time, I even did it in the supermarket yesterday and got a " look". Never mind I was only reminding myself not to forget something which I am sure most folk do, well I hope they do :P......I talk to my cats better than I can talk to people! love x Ella x


yep I'm always doing it I get more sense then talking to the other half and kids. I talk to the cats and dogs, I've spoke out loud wen out and about and get funny links to lol x


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