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Morning's are the worst for me when I'm alone time to think of the health issues start to panic have to go to see specialist about red mark on leg, then when I wake up sometimes my little fingers numb , now have cold and cough starting chest been so tight minds going back to lung cancer it just all gets to much sometimes I can feel the tears starting writing this 😢😢😢

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Hi Sharon, I really sympathise with you. I agree that mornings are worse and a lot of people would say the same. Do you know why you have health anxiety? Have you or someone close to you suffered a bad illness in the past?

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Hi angep I just think it's because I'm getting older and it really all started when i had a problem with dizziness had tests done and consultant had said it could be tumor in ear! ! this just totally knocked me , and thankfully it wasn't and I was fine but now it's everything I have is the worst no in between I just live in fear everyday xx


Yes it's so dibilitating feeling that way!! I have suffered the same. Had an emergency op on my bowel. I had a large mass and they told my partner to prepare for worse case scenario. It was an abcess in the end and Crohn's disease. I ended up with a colostomy bag and a collapsed lung. So I suffered with it because all the time I was convinced I was going to die. In between I just wanted too!! All I can say is try not to worry!! Easier said than done I know!! Because worry makes you poorly!! Why don't you ask your GP if you can see a councilor? Maybe they could help you stop worrying about it.




I lost my message back to you. :(

I am soooo tired of that happening.

I am glad that you are ok! I HAVE IBS and I am always thinking,the doctors made a

mistake with that diagnosis. I always think I have C.

I took all the serious tests.

HOW did you find out about your mass?




It happens on here sometimes!! The site plays up a bit. I found out because I'd been poorly for a long while. I had tummy upset, started to be sick. This went on for 4 months. Had gastroscopy(camera down throat) they said I had inflammation of my stomach lining and an ulcer. I lost 2 and a half stone because I stopped eating so I wouldn't be sick. I was sent to A and E after finally seeing my own doc who realised it was more than that. I had a large lump sticking out my left side and I couldn't bare fit it to be. Touched.i had ct scans, they could see it but wasn't sure what it was until they operated on me.then I had to wait nearly a week to find out. Surgeon told me it was Crohn's disease, he said I was a very bravewomen to put up with it as I'd obviously had

it a long time. I didn't feel brave !! It was an abcess as big as a rugby ball he said. So they removed part of my bowel and I have a colostomy bag. The bad news was they thought they'd got it all but it turned out they hadn't. On top of that my lung collapsed. So my anxiety levels went sky high.that was at the end of May. I'm now back at work 4days a week. I struggle terribly with tiredness which makes me feel unwell.... then anxiety starts up again!! But I find what helps me is taking some control. I went to doctors, asked for blood tests. Also a letter is to be sent to my surgeon as I've had no follow up appointment as he's been off for 4 months. That way I can spend less time worrying knowing things are in motion and will find out if I'm ok and still recovering or my Crohn's is flaring up. I have said we're not born with anxiety things that happen to us in our life triggers it off. I could worry about it all day but it's futile!! The only thing to gain from that is feeling depressed and all that goes with that. I find hypnosis good for my mind. I have an anxiety app and another one called heal your body by Glenn Harold. They do work for me to calm my Anxiety and fears. Give them a try and see what you think 😀👍


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