I feel hopeless

My anxiety seems to be back and worse than ever, I had to quit my job and I've been to the ER maybe 6 times since then. Once today because I really really really thought I was about to pass out. It lasted about 30 seconds. Intense dizziness, hot flash, skin was burning, and I couldn't move my body. So they did a bunch of tests on me and sent me home with some acid reflux medication for my nausea lol. I am seeing a therapist, seeing a psychiatrist, taking meds, trying to be productive when I can, but this DP/DR mixed with the increased anxiety is leaving me pretty much completely paralyzed with fear all the time. I miss my friends and my job. :( I just want to be normal and I'm so frustrated.


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  • Hi someone5673, I've been reading back your posts to 2 years ago. I have a question as to what happened 4 months ago when you wrote such a positive uplifting post about feeling better? Because the times before that seem to be one symptom after another following you, along with medication switches and upping the dose. You definitely are in severe anxiety but I'm wondering if your medications aren't contributing to those intense symptoms? What are you on right now?

    I remember you from when I first got on the forum 2 years ago. I'd like to support you. x

  • hello agora! I was on basically the same meds for that whole 5-6 months that I was doing good. My dp/dr never went away so my psychiatrist upped one of the meds. And stressful things started happening at my job.One day I had a huge panic attack at work where I thought I was going to faint/die. I left that day and ever since it's been back to square one with the anxiety. Thank you so much for your support. <3 My psychiatrist upped my meds (once again) but so far they only seem to be making me more anxious and out of it if anything.

  • someone5673, there comes a point where the meds no longer work and if upping the dosage doesn't make it work then it's either time to wean off the meds or try another one. I'm not going against your doctor but only telling you and others of my own experience. I was in the hospital when they were adjusting my dosage and trying different medications because the dose was so dangerously high that they had me on.

    When nothing worked they lowered them to safety level and sent me home. That was when I decided enough was enough. I asked to be weaned and it took 2years to slowly wean me off 30 years of benzos. It wasn't easy by any means but the results was so worth it.

    This is something you need to discuss with your psychiatrist. There is something else that's out there now called Transdermal Electrical Neurostimulation Therapy in Psychiatry. It basically is a Ten's Unit with electrodes that clip to your ear lobes. Electrical stimulation is used for 15-20 minutes in the doctor's office. It has had results with some patients by enhancing the medication they are already on or in cases where the patient didn't want to take medication, it proved to be enough to work on that part of the brain and bring down anxiety symptoms. 60% of the patients got good results. No harmful side effects, it either works or it doesn't. Just something to think over and bring up to your doctor.

    Good Luck someone5673, having the forum is a great support for all of us. Continue using it. xx

  • Wonder if this is a bit like EMDR, or even acupuncture for anxiety. I can say, that I have been fine, get triggered, get t "trauma soup" , that flood of adrenaline, for what seems like NO reason, ( but there always is that thought that sent me to the moon), and BINGO, over sensitization, and here we go again. I'm sorry to say, I am glad to read someone5673 's report of her symptoms. dam if I haven't had some of them in my day, and always thought ( whats wrong with me, NOBODY every gets this but me) :(

  • Indigojoe, it's not like EMDR but an offshoot of ECT (Electrical Shock Therapy) done in the hospitals. This version is safer and done in a doctor's office or in your own home (if you can afford to purchase it)

    That's the one thing about being on this forum, you realize not only aren't you alone but the number of people who suffer anxiety astounds me.

  • I can relate as well, it's like everytime I feel something bad coming along I'm in the emergency room asap. they always send me home, to the point now they wanna admit me. I've noticed that as long as I'm in the emergency room I don't have any panic attacks , it's like im back to myself . I totally get the point where you feel are you ever gonna be normal again . most likely yes you will get better with time, you will be back to yourself soon and you won't miss your friends anymore . I wanna keep in touch and see how things go for you

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