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How to get over constant worrying?

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I’ve tried everything and the thoughts won’t stop. I always worry about the little things, like getting anxious or if my eye twinges in a weird way. I’m just so sick of it, and it seems like no coping skills have worked besides sleeping and praying. Idk what to do at this point, I’m so tired and exhausted from basically living in my head 24/7...any help would be appreciated <33

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I've been feeling this way a lot as well recently. However I just started to do some breathing, like focus on my breathing to help calm me down. It appears deep breathing is one of the best medicines for anxiety and its helping me a little. I suggest try that to see if it reduces your worrying a little. Hope that helps and take care!

I find when I’m busy, I think less, which turns into worrying less. I find even sometimes having a day off isn’t great for me because it gives me too much time to think and worry! What can you do to make yourself busy?

Because of how we’re wired, the thoughts will never completely go away but they do lessen. Allowing them to be there and accept them helps to quiet them. Sometimes after one of these thought I’ll say to myself, “thank you brain for sharing that, I’m just fine.”

Flintridge is right, find things that are engaging like cooking, work, or even sketching things on a blank piece of paper, it distracts the brain by focusing on your task at hand. take care!

Sorry to hear about your struggles, but as many can attest to, we've all been there. This is my life too, my head constantly spinning and thinking of how awful I feel at times or what can go wrong. I try to remember that my thoughts are not facts, they're just thoughts. They can't hurt you and they aren't necessarily true. Keeping busy is certainly good, but in my opinion, trying frantically to occupy all your time is tiresome and grueling. There's nothing wrong with relaxing your eyes for a bit, some breathing techniques, calming your mind, etc. Adult coloring books, puzzles, tv, etc are all good distractions too. Maybe try those. If you like to read, check out Dr. Claire Weekes, Hope and Help for Your Nerves.

Hope this helps.

Hang in there. You're ok!

Wow! Really good advice 3wood.

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