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I was admitted to the behavioral health unit on 8/3/17 and released on 8/7/17. The Psychologist made minor changes to my medications, My Klonapin is now scheduled twice a day instead of as needed, My effexor is the same dose, and he added Seroquil at night time to help me sleep. I'm not sure if its me having difficulty adjusting to being outside of the hospital, or if my medications need to be adjusted again. Ive had really bad anxiety, on the verge of panic attacks, and all the coping skills i learned in the hospital. Is this normal when you have only been out of the hospital for 2 days?


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  • That was a typo on my part. He was an M.D.. I have an appointment scheduled Friday morning.

  • Hi LadyJohanna1345, it could be a little of both. Adjusting to medication change, always takes some time where anxiety can break through. Then again, just getting out of the hospital is another factor. After being in a safe place for 5 days, where help is a "call bell" away, can give us some fear of being back in the real world. Continue using your coping skills that you were taught and know that you are strong enough to handle this on your own. Good Luck. You've got this x

  • My doctor adjusted my medications today. I also have been feeling a lot better, i think it was mostly needing to adjust to reality again. Thank you for your support.

  • I'm glad to hear that LadyJohanna1345. Stay strong, Stay positive :)

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