Leaking blood from one breast

Hi everyone hope u are all coping in some way

Well my anxiety has raised its ugly head again.

I have recently saw a watery bloodstain fluid coming out out of one breast as u can imagine my anxiety has shot through the roof?

I have a bad health anxiety as it is as I lost my mum 8 years ago to pancreatic cancer so everything get I automatically think it's cancer.

I've been going to the breast clinic for 3 years running with leaky discharge but told every time it's ok everything is fine only this time it's a bloodstain colour I've been to my doctors and he's referred me to the breast clinic but I'm absolutely going out my head with worry I've convinced myself I've got breast cancer I know it might sound ridiculous but I'm frightened I am a right mess


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  • Hi There

    Have you had a breast scan? If so, when?

  • Yes my last one was beginning of this year as a follow up because I've leaked before but not blood

  • Hello

    No you don't sound ridiculous at all even if you did not have health anxiety this would worry most and yes I would be worried but try and be reassured because you have been checked regularly it would be a very very slim chance that this was cancer but and it is a but if it was anything then your Doctor has referred you straight away and now as long as you are seen asp with these kinds of things they can make you better and that is only the worse scenario I say this

    So when you feel the fear try telling yourself why am I fearing something I don't no what it is yet ( I know not easy but keep trying to tell yourself this ) and if those thoughts start overpowering you as they sometimes can then tell yourself I am getting seen so they will sort me out , I am safe :-)

    If you don't get an appointment soon and it starts to be a struggle with your anxiety let your Doctor know & how it is affecting you so they can push to get you seen sooner and let us know how you get on :-)

    Take Care x

  • Awwww thank you so much for the concern and advice it makes me feel better that someone is even acknowledging me regarding my problem but because of my health anxiety no one seems to take me seriously but u have so I want to thank you for u for that.


  • I agree with all of what the previous poster has said. I'm sure if you have a had a scan all is well but do go back to your Doctor. It's very natural to be worried by blood coming from that area. Have they said what is causing the discharge? I had a friend once with a similar problem and she was told it was inflammation and that it would clear up - it did. I'm sure you are ok but go back if it doesn't sort itself out. Let us know how you go on. Sending hugs. x

  • Hello

    I have suffered years with Health Anxiety even though I have learnt how to deal with it better over the years so I know how you will be feeling and I also know that when we have Health Anxiety how frustrating it is when no one believes us or takes us seriously but at least the Doctor is referring you :-)

    I am like it at the slightest thing , a cold is never just a cold with me , toothache is major , headache well you can imagine & the list goes on I blow everything up and get so frustrated because I know what is happening but stopping it can be another story and then when something does look like it could be wrong well I would react just like you & have done but have faith because when these moments have happened with me everything has ended up been sorted and I am sure they will sort it for you and you need that reassurance I know how much that means so I really hope you get seen asp , everything will be fine you have a lot of years ahead of you yet even though your Health Anxiety wants to tell you otherwise x

  • There is nothing you can do till youve seen the breast clinic. I understand your worrying. put it in a 'pocket' till you know whats happening and deal with it then. x

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