Seasonal Depression?


I am not sure if this is seasonal depression or what it is because I know I have anxiety but it is literally during this time of year it takes a toll on me. It starts last week of september first week of october and I just find little things that bother me about people...especially my boyfriend. Then (if you have read my other posts) my anxiety peaks and I start to freak out something is wrong and then I think do I love him do I not because I am finding small things bother me more and my stomach gets in knots and I can't eat because my stomach hurts. I have no desire to do many things like I still make myself do them but I don't have the excitement anymore like I usually do. This happened like this the EXACT same time like on the DOT when I was with my ex and I tend to I guess let my anxiety latch onto my relationships too because my parents got divorced this time of year. But literally riding my horse is my life but I love doing it but I just don't get excited anymore I am like yeah ok I will go but it isn't that AHH so excited like I usualy get spring and summer time. I also am getting so annoyed with friends too and random shit. Like a dog barking this morning I wanted to rip its head off. And my friend yesterday was saying how she didn't want her horse in his stall for one day and how she had to be out there most of the day for him and I literally was thinking " who the f*** cares...its a d*** day get over it stop being so freakin sensitive it is ONE day it won't kill him seriously get over it" and when driving she would make small jokes which I found so annoying and so stupid I didn't even want to talk to her. It isn't like I want to end my friendship at all but it was just getting me sooo annoyed and I do it with my boyfriend too I am getting so peeved at stupid things I don't let him know because I am working through it but I am just like idc idc get over it sort of thing. But if I keep talking to him about it it will go away. Also I have been so tired lately literally sleeping for hours and then needing a nap later on too! Any ideas? Because summer and spring time I never have felt this and with my ex when the months march and april popped up I started getting better!


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  • Well it's nice to know it all will improve.

    Getting outside more and or using light boxes may help

  • thanks goldfish :) I just get super impatient and I THINK it is seasonal depression as I stated I legit got it the same time of year when I was with my ex 2 years ago then he ended it last year around this time (end september early oct) and I didn't ever want to do anything but forced myself too but I left my other apartment at this time last year because I felt sooo depressed from lack of light coming in I felt like I was just miserable constantly. I guess it is seasonal depression? Def getting out more just went on a lovely walk and am looking at light boxes :) any other tips help too thanks for your reply :)

  • Does sound like SAD, I've felt depressed the past month too, it's never a good time of the year. Plunged from light and sunshine into dark grey days!

  • Yeah right I swear the lack of sun I get can really take s toll on me. I know people in Antarctica suffer from severe depression due to 6 months of darkness . I am taking vitamin D more and it's helping a lot and trying to get out daily . How do you feel

  • Have been taking Vit D too ( prescribed by Dr) when I've been out, if there's a glimmer of sun have felt a bit better if none still depressed! Wish I lived in a different country! x

  • I am taking more vitamin d and I feel tons better . But I still get bummed I still kinda freak out and I still just overthink randomly but I have been feeling so much better with taking it and working on myself . What happens with your SAD

  • yeah I struggle with this too. Right around the end of September I notice I have trouble sleeping and can get tired very easily, but eases away when spring arrives. It's weird how consistent and predictable it is.

  • OMfg me too! My sleep is so bad this time of year i Toss and turn and sweat and worry and only time I'm good is when I sleep with my BF but my SAD def takes a toll in so much more moody and snippy and trying to find things wrong it sucks and spring comes andnim like yay I love life! I am taking vitamin D though and some supplements and am feeling better what do you do

  • I take medication and I exercise more this time of year. I've built up a habit of going to the gym all year long so that I can sustain it through these crucial months. It's a great stress reliever and pushes away negative thoughts. And of course it helps with sleep, but I do still take 3mg of melatonin every night for that added push

  • Oh livelit yeah I ride my horse constantly and I am taking more walks and also getting outside for fresh air and taking more vitamin D to help with my daily routine I just am glad I can get better night sleeps recently and I feel tons better during the day too already. This time of year takes a seeious toll on me sadly but I'm glad that helps you with it !!

  • That's great to hear. Yeah this time of year takes a serious toll on me too, but if we stay strong and keep doing the right things we should be able to persevere.

  • does it ever take a toll on relationships or other things in your life?

  • It so does. I feel I cannot express myself like I want to. I have to think through everything I have to say before I say it and it's so exhausting. I feel so unsure of myself in front of people that I feel afraid to even initiate a conversation. I feel so isolated right now and it's just this same thing every year. Last year I broke down completely and left school and my job, but this year I'm still going and staying the course

  • I'm

    So proud of you keep it up and stay strong ! Don't let the anxiety control you ! I am always here for you to messageAnd talk to . Mine also drains me but I get anxious about anything like my relationship with my

    Boyfriend my dog my life and then later on I'll think about it and be ok and happy so

    I get so confusedat times . You can always messageme if you want to talk more

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