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it get so hard sometimes dealing with this….

Im currently feeling really out of it my head feels weird my side hurts so bad I think its cancerous I feel like everything we've done too try and take this pain away isn't helping and I don't feel good at the moment my heart isn't beating fast or anything thats another reason why I dont think its my anxiety but thats negative thoughts coming in thinking its something terminal… idk what too do right i think I'm dieting from something and i hate it I feel like my doctor isn't finding what it is and I'm getting really depressed thinking about it, i was good for about a couple weeks and yesterday it hit me so idk why I would just out of the blue feel like this and I'm tired of living like this :/ I just wanna be happy and live life too the fullest without this bringing me down I haven't felt the same since I got diagnosed with my anxiety and panic disorder and idk I ever will feel the same, I've been pretty positive the last couple of weeks but idk what to do right now :( I feel like the pain in my side is killing me or something but I'm probably just being crazy...

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Hey dameinlee,

I get the same sensation sometimes, when my anxiety is high.

As I have health anxiety to, yeah I fully understand what your going through. But try not to worry. (Easier said than done I know)

My anxiety is currently focused on my chest ATM making me cough so hard all the time. When I'm relaxed or asleep I don't cough.

Have you tried any relaxation? What I find is when I relax I'm able to tell if the sensation is real or is it my anxiety as once I'm relaxed it goes.

It's incredible how powerful the mind is to make these physical symptoms seems so real.

Stay strong dude, and try and focused on something which you enjoy doing or focus on a place where your most relaxed.


Thanks you so much I apperciate it a lot you've made me feel a lot better I'm gonna stay strong , I wasn't gonna go to the gym tomorrow night but now I'm motivated to do so , this site really gives me the strength too push forward with my life makes me feel like I'm not alone.



I've had the pain in right side and it can get intense at times. I don't get it now as I've learnt to do mindfulness meditation.

What your feeling right now is tension and yes anxiety can do that to you. If you imagine a piece of paper and you screw it up and leave it to unravel, that's what we are like with anxiety, we tense up so much we don't even realise we're doing it.

Try this; take a couple of big deep breathes from your belly as you exhale really relax your body , keep doing the deep breathes until you feel the tension melt away and it will. Just go with it.

Check out Headspace, it's an brilliant website. Make sure you do it everyday and I bet you feel alittle better:) x


Morning yummi,

I love the way youu described tge tension. That is definitely so true.

I've been doing mindful relaxation techniques now snice December and it definitely makes a difference for me anyway.

I would sit there all the tine, my whole body completely tense as I worried about everything.

Now I'm able to relax a lot more than I used to. But everyday I still have to practice this.

I also need to get better at recognising the signs before I get to tense. Its a battle everyday.


I posted a link last night to some relaxation stuff, if you wanted to give it a go.


Thank you so much I'll try it out I apperciate your advice :)


Whatever medication you are already on....please get it checked out, sometimes the side effects can effect you like this.

See a different doctor.

Hope you feel better soon.


The medicine that I'm taking for my side is nothing harmful it's just for inflammation but I will talk to my doctor when I go back thank you for your concerns I apperciate it


What does the doctor say is causing the inflammation in your side?

Have you had an ultra sound scan?

I am allergic to NSAIDS's that is non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.

Although if I rub in some Fibogel it often helps.


my side hurts when I breath in and its like sharp pain kinda and I freaked myself out for awhile that it was something terminal but no I haven't had a ultrasound ,I had a ultrasound on my heart and everything came back good , I've done 7 different blood tests all came back good they checked my kidneys, liver, spleen, my blood in general and other things,but as I know I'm not allergic to any meds.


I remember when I had phnuemonia getting a sharp pain in my side when I breathed in.

Maybe it's a virus thing..did you get a chest examination,I expect that was probably the first thing the doc checked.

You don't necessarily need to have a cough to have either Pluerasy or Phnuemonia.

Excuse the spelling...it's getting late...

Sleep well.


They did X-rays and stuff and she has xamined my chest several times :P what is that is that illness serious?... I hate thinking I would have it :/


Don't worry...if you had a chest X-Ray it would have shown up......you definitely dont have that.

Maybe you have simply pulled a muscle,I know this can take a while to heal.

Does it help to put heat on it? Or what about a sports gel,like Fibogel?


I meant Feldene not ?Fibogel!! Sorry


lol alright , but no I haven't tried heating pads at all maybe I should see that would help


Yeah!go for it....better than relying on pills who just seem to create other problems.also make sure you get a good nights sleep.

It makes all the difference.


I don't know if you can get Feldene over the counter, it's a rub in gel and very effective. I had a tumour removed from my spine years ago and use it whenever the pain starts up again...it certainly helps.

Let me know if it helps.


Have you been checked...ultrasound.....for Gall stones ? .......you don't say whether it's your right or left side!

My advice is see a different doctor...maybe a young one...the older ones can't be bothered these days I've found especially

If they are near retirement age.

You don't say where abouts in your side the pain is..High or low.

Why not tap your symptoms into search.....it will probably be able to help you cancel out the things it isn't and advise what it might be in which case you can get it checked out.

It's gotta be better than sitting there wondering and worrying!

Go on...do it today....

Let us know how you get on.


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