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I feel the need to reiterate all I've been through within the past 4 months as I find it very difficult to cope with all that's happening to me lately.

On 11-Jul-2016 I got hit in the face by a bus wing mirror, which resulted in multiple facial bones being fractured: the zygoma, left frontal bone and maxillary sinus bone. No op was done because the maxilla facial docs decided surgery is not needed and that the bones will heal on their own within 6-12 weeks. CT scan on the day and no brain lesions have been found. Other than a small amount of extra axial blood which the docs said it was from the bone.

10-Aug-2016: persistent headaches since the date of the accident, anxiety etc hence went private for an MRI scan which revealed that no mass lesions or intracranial bleeding was found except an empty sella which later the GP advised this was congenital. The radiologist said the MRI was clean and nothing clinically significant was revealed as no mass lesions such as tbi or intracranial bleeding.

26-Aug-2016: this is the first time when I spat blood, took a shower then felt blood leaking at the back of my throat.

Throughout October: the situation went from bad to worse in the sense that I had bleeding at the back of throat nearly every single day and noticed how the more I lay on my front or lean forward the more intense the forehead pain is (feels like a band tightly wrapped across the forehead area).

Nov: I started having vertigo when turning sides on bed and the tightness around forehead hasn't left me since the date of the accident , every other day I'd feel the odd blood leaking at the back of the throat. Done ECG and this came back normal as well as the blood tests back in September.

I feel hopeless and my family is on the edge as well as they had to apply for a loan in order to go to eastern Europe and do some MRIs cheaper than in the UK...

Got an ENT referral this coming Monday but it feels like I'm fighting for survival every single day.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Should I be worried about cancer or a brain tumor considering the MRIs were fine?


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Hi, first of all im sorry you're going through this. This sounds like a scary situation, and I'm sure you feel like the doctors you're seeing aren't taking you seriously enough since you are spitting blood and getting headaches. If you believe something is very wrong, be persistent and push for more investigation. It doesn't sound like cancer or a Tumor because 1. Those would show up on one of the scans and 2. You'd be feeling a lot worse aka having personality fits, vomiting, etc. And 3. Tumours and cancer wouldn't be caused by the incident that happened to you with the bus part. Doctors don't always know everything, they are humans just like me or you. It's possible they could have missing something. It is also possible that something is damaged that could possibly even heal itself given though time. The human body is capable of strange things. Perhaps something is wrong somewhere else, and that's causing you to bleed but because of the accident you're assuming it's your head. Also, remember what anxiety can do to the brain. You can be feeling sick even when you are not. You may feel dizzy even when you are not. Since you are convinced something is very wrong with you, it might be heightening your senses so you're looking out for more than you normally would. Please do not think I am telling you that you're imagining your symptoms! This may all be very real. Be persistent if you are absolutely sure something must be wrong and demand more tests etc but in the meantime try your best to relax and lower your stress levels. I know this is a lot easier said than done but it may do you a lot of good <3 good luck I hope everything resolves by itself in a matter of time

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I need to find a way to calm myself when the vertigo kicks in and I'm in bed rolling from one side to another, I find it really difficult to be relaxed when that 1-2seconds thing happens as I feel really scared and my next instinct is to call a taxi and rush to A&E.


I understand where you're coming from. What have the doctors said about your symptoms?

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they said "it's normal to get vertigo because of the blow to the head, but still 4 months have passed and for the most part of sept and a good part of October I stopped having just scares me that these have returned to make my life hell.

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What have they said about The bleeding


got an ENT referral for Monday afternoon which couldn't rush soon enough but am scared I might have some intracranial bleeding or some tumor.


I understand your fears. Just remember how unlikely that is so long after the initial incident. If you were having a brain bleed, you would be experiencing a lot worse. Seizures, blurry vision, nausea/vomiting, etc. Hang in there until monday do the best you can to avoid google


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