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I'm tired of my anxiety and everything else going on (any wise words??)

Health anxiety through the roof doctors don't know what's wrong with my leg blood work was done including a d dimer no signs of a blood clot and X-rays doesn't show any problems with the bones of joints my family wants a Doppler ultrasound done incase the dimer is a false and docs won't do it.

My depression is getting worse doesn't help that my partner and I ended things I just couldn't stand his constant mood swings and him yelling at our kids

My daughter throws huge fits everyday at least 5xs a day

When she does that my anxiety is thru the roof I comfort eat which I'm almost 190 for being 5'1 dunno maybe that's why my leg groin and hip hurts.

I think the worst with every little pain and meds (fluoxetine40mg) does not help :( I have amily members telling me to let god in my life and that things will fall into place I am indifferent to religion right now all cause what I am going through there is more to tell but his is just the surface and I'm getting tired I want to give up will it get better?

And for all those who have replied to my recent previeus questions thank you so much u all helped me get thru those episode sorry I couldn't respond to any of u.

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Try and get through today. Small steps at a time. I feel for you and the pain and all your struggles. Just try to deal with one thing at a time so its not too much. Your kids need you. Give yourself a break and try to relax. I'm sending positive vibes your way...


PS it will get better :)


:) thank u for ur words, I do I try taking it one day at a time or hour at a time if paralyzes me all the aches my leg for example Almost in bed this whole day and worse my leg kept kept on getting accidentally hit of just this moment I stepped on a plastic box didn't see it and now my leg hurts alot


Hi Hypoc,health anxiety us awful,I have it,the slightest pain ache or even feeling weird becomes a major health issue.My doctor told me that all these thoughts and symptoms are real,but when you think about it if it was anything serious it would have been found after all the teats,but as she said you don't think that way when you have anxiety.Take it slowly,one step at a time,keep posting,it helps just sharing thing.

Hope you soon start to feel better x

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Hey Hypoc I also suffer from health anxiety and I've thought I had cancer tool brain tumors too everything else Ive been having this pain on the left side of my body and its been there since last summer and it just won't go away I thought it was making me get these symptoms but its from my anxiety, when I get sick its horrible cause I think I'm dieing but you gotta keep telling yourself its your mind and stay positive I know its hard but you gotta keep pushing through, I'm sorry about all the stress you have been undergoing and maybe you should try and talk too god if someone knocks he will always answer be strong you will beat this! -dameinlee


Thank you for answering I will try to stay positive but my mind goes into a rut that what if I ignore this one symptom or whatever and it actually turns out it's the real deal you know and it's a cycle I can't get out of.

As for letting god in a feel guilty that it's only when I'm in need.


Hi Hypoc007,

I'm sure God would understand - it's initially a very human thing to do, to ask for help just when really needed. I am a Christian myself but when I'm really scared and dreading the whole world even I struggle sometimes to pray and God seems a million miles away. But He is there and He cares about what we go through.



Hello, sorry to hear that you feel this way, bless you, I hope you feel stronger too. I believe that frustration is a great sign that your breakthrough is around the corner. I think that you should remind yourself of all the challenges that you have overcome before and all of the bold steps that you have taken once upon a time. All the days that you got through the hard times, but above all, why not spend an hour or two dreaming and thinking of all the good things that can happen to you, imagine getting a phone call that could transform your life positively, making a new friend that helps you get rid of your fear, imagine what it would be like to wake up and have no feeling of anxiety, imagine what it would be like to travel to your favourite countries, write a list of all the good scenarios that could happen, reverse your anxiety by imagining the best things ever. Because good things can and will happen to you, if you see it you can achieve it xxxx have a blessed day xxxx


Thank you babygirl29.. Dunno why this made me tear up but it did and it's I guess cause I am in a constant negative mind set that I should look forward to the good and good will come, right? I have a tendency to yeah space out and think of good things but the evil thoughts come in and wreck it, I think "I might not get to do that cause I'll die before then" I will try and squash out the bad thoughts. And keep positive look for that moment where I won't have anxiety. Hopefully we'll get thru this anxiety :)


I can totally understand&identify with u .and u wil get better some days im in agong also and feel like giving up but hang in thrre .u will get well again ....going through a health crisis myself as I write dis to u . Ur d jumped out at me so all il say is try to remain posotive !!!!!from a fellow suffer


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