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Every day new symptoms :(


I am Male 23 Suffering from new symptoms everyday It all started with a headache .I thought I had brain tumor. Got MRI CT scan Blood test every thing nothing showed up,So then I thought I have something related to heart since my heart rate used to shoot up and I used to have head fog, Got ECG done nothing showed up again,Then I thought I have bowel cancer Since my stool became thin and I used to have lots of Pain in abdomen and back also lot of gas noises and discomfort in stomach and abdomen ,Doctor told its IBS and gave me some medicine ,Lately I have shed few kilos approx 3-4 kg in a month or so .I feel so fatigued all the time Have this feverish feeling all the time body aches specially shoulders when I wake up in the morning.Tingling or throbbing feeling in the whole body. Body feel so warm and chills but when I measure temperature its hardly 98F. I'm all the time worried about my symptoms.Every day something or the other turns up I dont now what is going on in my body.I am fed up of going to doctors now have visited around 10 doctors in past 3 months.Thyroid,blood sugar etc everything came normal,Every one say its anxiety But I know it is not My body is not in good condition something is definitely going on which I am not able to judge .Any Help will be appreciated.

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please someone?


Hi there fedup23,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough at the moment. I have been in a similar position to yours, so I can appreciate how completely exhausting the constant worry can be. I was equally skeptical when I was told that my problems are all down to anxiety, I couldn't bring myself to accept that so many varied physical symptoms, some of which were downright terrifying, were down to feeling anxious. I was totally convinced that my body was gradually packing up, and that I was dying of something that had just been missed by the doctors I saw. I ended up in A&E more than once because I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack - I wasn't, I was having a panic attack. The pains and discomfort that anxiety can cause are very real, and sometimes very distressing.

I found that I was so worried about the aches, pains and odd things my body was doing that I was constantly paying attention to every physical sensation. Being so aware of my body then in turn made me hyper aware of the slightest little change. I still catch myself doing it now, it's something I'm working on. I'll be tuned in to my pulse and it'll race when I stand up or something and then suddenly I'm on full alert, which makes me edgy, which increases my heart rate, and so on until boom - I'm a paranoid mess.

All the symptoms you have described are typical of anxiety problems, so my advice to you would be to try some anxiety management techniques. Personally, I have found medication very helpful, so if you're not taking anything already that's always something you could consider. There's also mindfulness and meditation techniques. There are some great websites like headspace.com or calm.com that have guided meditation sessions. A lot of people find CBT therapy a fantastic tool too.

It's well worth persevering with - if nothing improves, you haven't lost anything, but if you start feeling more human again, you'll be so glad you stuck with it.

I wish you all the best,

Emma xx

P.S. One thing I strongly advise against is googling symptoms. This was my biggest downfall! Lots of ailments share similar symptoms and it is SO easy to go down the list ticking them off and convince yourself you have a certain illness. Trust your doctors, they have years of training, knowledge and experience and know your medical history and the context of the situation.

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Googling is my worst enemy I just cant stop googling

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Me too I google symptoms and think I have everything. I think I have a brain tumor right now I have all the symptoms. I also think somethings wrong with my heart and I don't what will kill me first. I'm scared!


Hi there, I posted yesterday about waking up in a sweat but I can echo everything you have written. I have experienced all the symptoms you describe plus more. I too spend a ridiculous amount of time googling symptoms which I have been strongly advised not to do. Like you, my doctors have put this all down to anxiety which I struggle to believe. I am trying to take on board what Emmajune wrote in reply to you. People have been saying similar things to me for a while but it is hard to break habits. I'm not sure if i have helped at all but I can empathise with you completely. I take medication which hasn't helped so I'm now trying to taper off it. Have you been prescribed medication for your anxiety? Thinking of you, Allotmentgirl


No Im not taking any medicine right now ,I m feeling I have colon cancer because of the symptoms that are showing up but doctors says u are too young for that :(.But all my symptoms suggest that


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