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Bleeding at the back of the throat

Hi all,

Just a bit of background: On the date of 6th of July, I had a head trauma resulting in minimally displaced facial fractures -sinus and zygoma bones being affected (spent 48h in hospital at the time and no op was done as the doctors decided to treat these fractures conservatively and got told these will heal on their own between 6-10 weeks time).

So it's been 4 months since the incident and for the past 2-3 weeks been experiencing this very awkward sensation where there's blood leaking slowly at the back of throat (this is not associated with head ache, I haven't got cough or nausea symptoms).

I had a head MRI done in August, 1 month after the impact and it came back clean: no mass lesions or intracranial bleeding was identified. In the 2nd week of September I also had full blood count test done and all came back normal.

So in the hope I'd see an ENT today I went to A&E and the doctor on the ward checked my nose and advised he can't seem to know why this is the case so suggested that I see a dentist as she reckoned might have to do with the teeth so she recommended that I gargle Corsodyl. Which I find odd, why did she not consider referring me to see an ENT?

Has anyone experienced anything as such? Today it's happened 4 or 6 times that I'm aware of, blood leaking at the back of your throat, like some sort of mucus.

I fear that when I am going to see my GP next week, he will just claim it's due to my anxiety and refuse to refer me to an ENT.

Any idea is much appreciated!

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Hi AlexLu, I find it strange as well that the ER doctor didn't suggest an ENT rather than a dentist. So you have actually seen the blood, it's not just a sensation? I don't see how that can have anything to do with anxiety. It is what it is. The fact that it is at the back of the throat sounds like a possible sinus problem. I went through something like this several years ago. I never did figure out where it came from. I would wake up in the morning and my tongue would be coated with blood. After I'd rinse my mouth, it was gone and never came back during the day. Like you I wondered how it could come from my teeth and yet not show any blood coming from the teeth. I really wish you well AlexLu, it's a scary thing anytime we do see blood anywhere. I hope you get some answers. Keep us updated.


I spat the blood out and saw it, it's mixed with mucus kind of thing :(

I'm just afraid this might come from the brain though


Sounds like a sinus infection or seasonal allergy....... rather than bleeding from the front it comes from the posterior nasal passage, especially when you get up from sleep. I'm not a doctor but I have had this before, it's not uncommon, if it gets worse see your GP. Agree with the Agora1.


It usually starts during the day, less in the morning though


I've had it during the day as well but not much, sorry I'm not much help.....but if it's kind of 'sittting there' ....everyone is different , I found 'looking for it ' actually makes it worse.


This has intensified over the past couple of days and now am really scared! Literally counting the hours until Monday when I got my ENT referral..


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