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Today is not my day

Today woke up ok but then I was making up soup and I felt like I was going to fall I felt so light-headed and dizzy and weak and sick and I just felt like I was going to land I was getting like adrenaline going through my head to my neck and I started panicking and I was crying because I felt so horrible I don't know what to do but my heart is ok and I believe that it is it's just my blood pressure goes to normal to low and it's like I have no more energy honestly it sucks because it makes me want to cry because I wish husband could be here with me even though he has work I just get so scared to be by myself with the kids home alone and I think I'm getting sick cuz I feel chills and I'm cold and it's freezing and I know it's not freezing in my house but I feel really sick tomorrow morning if this doesn't get any worse today I will go to the hospital and check myself and make sure I'm OK because I was not me I'm not a person that constantly moving on the go and I'm in bed now and I just really really don't feel good at all I feel like find slowly right now and on top of that I started my menstrual cycle and I'm cramping on top of that and I want to take medicine but I'm just afraid the medicine will lower my blood pressure and make things worse so I'm blood but if it gets worse today I'm going to call the ambulance and go from there but I just hope it doesn't get worse and I hope that I can wait for tomorrow

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Panicking can cause adrenaline, I had a panicky moment today and you will shake, shiver and get cold its the body trying to relax also anxiety is more common than you think,

You mentioned menstrual cycle? That could also trigger sick like symptoms.


Yes idk what it is but i feel sick my heart 99 prr min and um trying so hard not panic i feel horriable


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