Not feeling it

Today I was okay until now my left arm is hurting a bit and my chest on and off I did drink last night and I did get an argument with my husband and feel bad I really need to stop drinking I didn't even drink much either I don't remember most of the time so now my stomach organs hurt and I feel sick and my chest hurts a bit what gives my great they could be worse but it's not I'm just afraid that my heart will stop I pray that it won't


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  • It is best to avoid alcohol at all costs with this illness. The two do not mix

  • Thinking ......bad


    Blogging .......bad

    Physical activity.........good

    Completing tasks ..........good


    Helping others....good


    Hope you can have a nice day

  • Thank you i hope you have a great day as well

  • Please stay away from alcohol you don't need it it willl make u anxiety worse

  • Thank you i appreciate it im trying my best

  • Hi Crystal - I wonder if the relationship is feeding the negative feelings you are having that in turn pushes you into drinking

    I recall very well that the ex was giving me put downs that I heard in childhood and later use anything I admitted about myself against me later - I felt so small and so low and so bad about myself that it didn't take much to pull me down - I wonder which area you live - it really sounds like a support group might be very helpful to you - is it possible your relationship has isolated you ? Where is the rest of your family ? Or are you like me - without childhood family that you might easily run to - Try and write down what it is that triggers your bad feelings - start writing a journal at night or during the day as well - so you have something to refer to when you can't remember. I tell you one thing about me - NOBODY I mean absolute NOBODY could have felt lower and worse and more bad about themselves than me - I'd damage myself, throw myself downstairs, cut myself up, overdose - you name it - and it was when I finished the relationship I was able to start thinking good things about myself because I started therapy - Even the 12 Step Anonymous groups e.g Alcoholics Anonymous - I think you desperately need some outside perspective because you seem to be stuck in some kind of emotional paralysis -There's a book called Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway -You need for your OWN sanity to BREAK OUT and make your bid to FREEDOM - It takes time and it takes courage - Start picking up the phone and speaking to the AA help line and also Samaritans (you don't necessarily need to be suicidal - LONELINESS can also be a killer - take care of yourself and starting being EXTRA KIND to that little INNER CHILD that needs LOTS OF LOVE XX ((Hugs))

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