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Not posted for a while update on my symptoms

Hi all I've finally got my results from the heart monitor I had fitted before Xmas it took 6 week's to get them which was very annoying especially when im still getting some chest pains every day. Thank god it looks like my heart is fine so when I get the niggles in my chest at least I can put that down to anxiety now & try not to panic as much. Not a good start to the day as I woke up after about 4 hrs sleep to a racing pulse & hot sweats so I got up made a drink & did my breathing to calm things down. The leg & arm discomfort has calmed down a bit that I have been suffering with but I've still got the throat problem as if there is something there also my neck feels a bit stiff left side I've had this since September 13 I mentioned it to the doctor & he thinks it's anxiety but my mind is struggling to except that. I've been prescribed lyrica pregabalin for anxiety does anyone else take this? Thanks to all for your support hope 2014 is a better year for everyone on this amazing site. Take care . X .

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Hi Cherub

That's great news that your heart is fine after having the monitor & getting your results , it must feel like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders & now like you say when you get these aches & pains you do no it is anxiety & nothing else is wrong

The sensation in your throat I have had that & still can get it I have had it so bad I have struggled to swallow & even had to spit things out before because I feel something is stuck blocking my throat , but over the years I have accepted it is anxiety as my GP said that was what is was & I have to learn even though it's not been easy at times but to trust them

You seem to have a good GP try & trust what they say , I know it's not easy but once a friend did say to me , why did I keep going to the doctors if I wasn't going to believe what they were saying , I wasn't very pleased when they first said it to me but as I thought about it I did think , well yes they have got a point & every time I go now I do try & keep telling myself that I need to trust them

I hope 2014 will be kind to you to :-)





Thanks whywhy the doctors have been right in their opinion so it's time to start believing anxiety can cause these horrible physical symptoms I've still not been diagnosed 100% but surely now the tests are done I will. It's time to accept it & learn to manage & take the medication & do as I'm told as I've not been taking the meds like I'm supposed to.

Thanks again.



It can be hard to accept it I do understand believe me I still have my moments & when I do I can get in a real state !

Maybe try the meds & take them properly if you are hitting & missing with them that could cause you to feel unwell , come on here we will do are best to support you :-)



Can you advise me on how to stop the thought's racing around in my mind of all the bad experiences from the last couple of years. I close my eye's at night & my mind is like the M1 everything just racing through my mind then I'm having hot sweats heart racing not good. Thanks for your time & help .


Oh bless you , I know where you are coming from , I have mostly been able to let go of things that have happened in the past but I can be very much like that with things that are happening as now !

Obviously the meds will be a big help when they start working but the thing I did was one day sitting down & writing down on a piece of paper all these things from the past , it was very painful , but when I had finished I waited one evening & stood outside & I burnt the paper with all the past on it & as I watched I told myself that was it no more was it going to affect me those experiences had just gone up in flames

It seems to have worked & even if they creep in now I tell myself you went up in flames so go away !

Maybe some more members will have some better ideas how to let go if they see this or you could do a post asking this question in case it gets missed :-)



Whywhy I'm going to do that & like you said when it comes into my mind I can then say you've gone up in flames go away.

Thanks again for your help.


Hi cherub2012,

I suffer with anxiety panic attacks and palpatations. I have found that talking to myself in a positive way about the situation is helpful especially when there is no one there to rationalise for you. Also I have started doing stretches/yoga for my back as I also have chronic Pelvic Pain as well but these stretches have been really great for giving me time out in the day to really relax and ease all my muscles whih in turn eases my mind. I went on youtube to find out how to do th stretches maybe you could try it and see if it works for you.

Were all here for eachother xx


Hi thank you for your reply I suffer from a back injury from 3 years ago it still niggles me every day so maybe doing some stretches like you may help me relax I've heard yoga can be good for relaxation.

All the best to you thanks so much for your advise. X .


That's not a problem I just hope you find something that works for you;) Laura


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