Feeling it today!!

Struggling a bit today, I'm actually work today, I get lifts generally because of my fear I struggle with driving, however today I said I would drive myself and my friends to work, they came to my house first so I didnt av to drive on my own (one step at time)! The drive in went well, I did okay and nothing bad happened, once I got here though I felt exhausted like I'd put all my energy into the drive!! I also did a workout last night which was mainly to work on my legs and lower body, my legs are like jelly today and although I know it's due to the exercise i did yday I'm fighting with my thoughts that are thinking other things! Why is it so hard to rEason and rationalise thoughts sometimes? Iv started to feeling wobbly, hot etc, finding it hard to be positive about fact I made a big step and now feel so blurrr lol! X hope everyone is well today x


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  • Hang in there you know its only anxiety you have been through it and you will get through it love Im struggling today also but we got to keep going x

  • Hi Sharon, thank you, sorry to hear you're struggling as well :( we'll have to help eachother get through x Do you know why you're feeling bad today? X

  • Hi its me who sets it off with my negative thoughts once i start i find it hard yo stop Im working on this with my cbt but its hard and not going to happen over night.I also think its hormonal as i always get highly when on my period.It just gets me down as i had a great week last week

  • Hi, Ah that's fantastic that you got in the car! Huge step :) You didn't let the anxiety beat you.

    I can imagine you will be tired as it will have been a mentally draining thing for you to do. Just know that you're at work, you have a few pains but you're fine and all is OK because you're still functioning fine :)


  • I know :-/ although my main goal is to drive on my own again driving with others in the car was a massive thing for me! I have felt drained all day !!! Thanks for posting!! How are you? X

  • I'm sure you can get driving on your own soon by the sounds of it :) Have a good chillax once you're home.

    I'm Ok thank you. Having a rubbish time at the moment but not due to anxiety, just lifes general horrific pressures :( Lol. Hoping it will all blow over soon. Doesn't help that I don't drink caffeine anymore because at the end of the day, all I want is a nice cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit lol.


  • It sounds to me like you've been super brave, once the exhaustion of having put yourself through that passes a bit , I'm sure you will feel really pleased with yourself that you did it, it takes enormous strength. :-)

  • Hiya, thank you so much, now I'm home I don't feel bad, going to try and relax now my daughter is asleep and my jobs are done!!! How are you? X

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