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Weird sensations?

I have a really bad fear of vomiting. So bad that sometimes I'll go days without eating just so I know there's no food in me to make me sick, and I avoid going out in public/eating in public places in case I am sick (which has actually resulted in me not going out for anything other than appointments since April earlier this year). When I get REALLY anxious, I get this weird sensation in my mouth. Along my bottom jaw. I'm not quite sure how to describe it - sort of like tension, sort of like something is going on inside there I really don't know how to describe it - and the sensation becomes worse when my sickness anxious increases because I've associated the sensation with vomiting in the past.

I was basically just wondering if anyone else has experienced weird jaw sensations or something similar. I guess just to put my mind at rest that it isn't just me that has these weird feelings during high anxiety. And to maybe know I'm not completely weird.

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Hello. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this! I get the exact same thing.. like something. Is crawling under my skin around my jaw area. It's definately an anxiety thing and I've found only few people experience this. I also have a huge fear of vomiting and after a gastro bug I had in august, it's left me feeling nauseous everyday to the point where I've had to leave my job. Unclear on whether it's a medical issue or anxiety but I carry a vomit bag with me everywhere and am pretty much housebound as anxiety is at an all time high. You are not alone!


Dita x

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