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Anxiety and weird sensations


Hello there I have weird symptoms atm I have headache increased hearing

pains all over my body numb left arm and sometimes right

I have bad belly Ake in my upper abdominal I have edited sensations and just feel like I need help and someone to talk to if any of u have any of these symptoms please message me.

Thank you kinda freaking out

Also I get shortness of breath.

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Have you phoned your doctor about these physical symptoms?

Have you checked out the side effects list on the patient information leaflet for any medication you are on?

Do you think you should go to A&E or the ER now to get checked over?

I’m on no medication I have been to the Aand E before but they just say there’s nothing wrong

With these same symptoms? How long ago & what tests did they do?

I think I would go there again or at least call the Out-of-hours GP. Have you tried calling 111? Tell them all the symptoms

I get these symptoms all the time I have had a ecg a head scan mri and a 24 hour heart monitor and all okay and came back fine they just put it down to anxiety

Also Every blood test under the sun and about 1year ago

A year is a long time. Have you discussed the symptoms with your own GP?

Yeah he says about counselling as he is adamant that there’s nothing wrong

How do you feel about counselling?

Check yourB12. Simple blood test. Could be a long shot but I had similar symptoms and it was a deficiency in b12. Good luck and feel better.

Btw, I am not an anxious person typically but became anxious due to the b12 deficiency and GP kept telling me I was healthy because they would check my bloodwork and all ok UNTIL they finally checked my B12 level. Very very low. Ever since I got injections, no more aniexty or stomach issues. Good luck

I have constant stomach issues, my doctor said I had inflammation. She recommended some antacids. Didn't really work. What I do was goggle about it eating things that help inflammation and things Not to eat. That seems to be helping somewhat? I'm going back to her Friday now my right hand has partial numbness, not to much strength.

I read all of the reply’s from other people. It seems like you have been to many Drs and had many test , all coming back with good results. So I feel like the more you dwell on what your feeling, the more intense they will become. Try to just get busy doing something else for a hour or 2 . And I would bet what your feeling will subside . Try it !

I get these symptoms all the time from my anxiety.

Yes i get thid too its terrible trust me i feel like i will die any day

I have a lot of similar symptoms and more, been seeing my dr, cardiology, endocrinology and neurology, need to have another EEG to catch episode to rule out seizures. You could see neurology as well. Though they are all thinking stress and anxiety and panic which results in seizures...the neuro is not 100% sure yet and feels I'm having non epileptic seizures or really bad panic which he says falls under non epileptic seizures. He says there's a 10% chance it's epilepsy but he doesn't feel it is that. It's severe feelingcwhatever it is and scary. I had low vit d and b12 levels and have been supplementing that. So not sure what my levels are now. The neuro said he doesn't feel that this caused my symptoms though. And no change except the tingling in my toe is gone after supplementing. But the stinging zaps all over my face and head and down my spine at times are still there. And the tingling I get down my face. Just get everything checked and at some point we have to accept that it may possibly be panic and anxiety causing all these insane uncomfortable symptoms.

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