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HELP! weird buzzing parathesia sensation in limps when trying to relax and sleep!


I was clinically diagnosed anxiety, OCD, panic disorder several years ago and something I've had since I was 15 years old. (now 45) Episodes would come and go through the years and I just learned to battle through them.

All has been good as for 6 years been on effexor xr 37.5mg but was weaning myself off for a year now almost down to 8% of that dose. Until...

Been battling some unknown numbness and burning sensations in either hands or feet for the past two months and doctors would say it's carpal or maybe from my back. So I trek on doing rehab, chiropractor etc. Still nada.. As I am convinced something else more chronic is happening to me I am looking up symptoms on line and emersing myself into what others might be feeling so to come to some resolution but nonetheless my fear is feeding my fear and of course still no diagnosis from doctors. I had to quit my job recently because of this.

In the meantime, the past week has been horrible. Aside from what's going on unknown medically it's been taking a huge toll on my mental and psychological state. I try to drift off to sleep or relax and my arms and legs will go into this weird paresthesia buzzing state which then keeps me up. This has left me with barely any sleep and the insomnia is killing me since all I want to do is rest my mind but my stupid limbs start buzzing again.

Trying to mediate but that brings on irregular breathing and mild panics. Decided this might be anxiety so I'm slowly increasing my effexor again to see if it makes a difference in the next few days or week.

Has anyone else experienced paresthesia in their arms and legs when finally relaxing and drifting off and was it attributed to anxiety.

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I get a funny whooshing feeling that shoots up my body makes me feel like I'm dying even tho that sounds stupid ! then frightens me and stops me from sleeping it doesn't usually happen when I go to bed only if I nap usually :-/

Well I guess you're luckier than i. Sleep has eluded me for over a week now as anytime I drift off this happens. It's like a buzzing falling asleep sensation in my limbs. I have to think it's my anxieties vs anything else more serious.I'm a walking zombie right now and the less sleep I get the more anxiety.

I hope

You get it sorted soon X

Yes I have this horrific feeling in all my limbs and it's always when I'm desperately trying to get some sleep or rest my overly tired and sensitised brain and body😞 it really is the worst feeling. I get it much worse when I'm very anxious. I too have had ocd since I was a small child. I am now 44yrs old. I'm sending you lots of strength and reassurance that you are not alone with this. I'm here if you need to talk x Amanda

Glad I'm not alone. Anything you've tried? It all started only cause I actually had numbness in my feet and hands to begin with which I was trying to get figured out with doctors. It didn't start with anxiety at all. They'd tell me oh it must be this or it can't be that. In the mean time as time goes on without diagnosis I am getting stressed and my anxieties are getting exacerbated. Now what started as a physical ailment is starting to manifest into the sleepless parasthesia I am now experiencing. I guess it's true what they say...if you focus on something too much it ends up getting worse. Ugh!

Hi. Definetlly Anxiety. Look into some Vitamins while trying to wean of Effexor. Multivitamin. at night and b complex as well. Give yourself a couple weeks to start feeling better. Always ask your Doctor first about the vitamins but should be fine. Good Luck to you.

It's been tough as each day goes by with no sleep which is the bigger issue tight now. I've just started to include B12, D, multi vitamin, and holy basil. I've upped my Effexor within the past couple days to at least 25% of my original dose 37.5 mg. I only started to include deep breathing and meditating yesterday as I am desperate to try anything. The buzzing sensation in my limbs as soon as I ly down is definitely uneasy.

yup, I've been there! I had numbness in my arms before I even realised I was anxious but obviously my body was processing stuff in the back ground my conscious brain didn't know about. I'd get numbness in my arms and legs (particularly when trying to sleep) but also I'd get a weird shaking in my arms and legs almost like I was vibrating but if you looked I wasn't at all. I couldn't believe it was all down to anxiety and I convinced myself there was something really wrong with me (I have health related anxiety). Funnily enough my anxiety was triggered by a different set of symptoms (which I obviously convinced myself was something horrific) once I finally got a diagnosis (nothing life threatening) the weird arm and leg symptoms stopped almost overnight. Its crazy what your body can do to you! I really hope you start to feel better soon. Xx

Caddycat in reply to gemp54

Omg I finally found someone that is describing exactly what I'm going through right now. I know this won't last but until we find what's really going on I feel plagued with endless nights of sleep. With each doctor and test there is no resolve. Thank you for your response.

gemp54 in reply to Caddycat

no problem. Its always reassuring to find out you're not the only one with the same symptoms and a bit or reassurance that it is anxiety related! I always find it helps to just talk it through so if you ever need to chat to someone feel free to message me :)

Caddycat, it's interesting that you mentioned you were feeling good until you started weaning down off Effexor. I get a buzzing sensation under my feet while standing. That started after coming down off my benzos after years of being on it. I've never had it checked because it is short lived as well as it doesn't bother me. I can understand if it is interrupting your sleep that you need to find an answer. It may well have something to do with coming off the Effexor. Keep us updated. When on these kind of medications, I would think if there are the beforehand symptoms, then why not symptoms after coming down from them. Wish you well.

Caddycat in reply to Agora1

I asked my therapist if coming off the effexor creates tingling and numb sensations in limbs. He said at 37.5 MG and after a year of weaning off hardly unlikely. However because I already am presenting these symptoms with no diagnosis yet the anxieties could be magnifying it even more.

I'm up to 75% off my 37.5mg dose just to help with all of this medical uncertainty.

Having my MRI'S done within the next couple days and will find out on the 7th what it might be.

In the meantime I'm praying for strength and courage as sometimes I just want to break down and cry especially when the parasthesia sets in just as I want to sleep.

Caddycat, I know you are thinking the worse and so your anxiety level goes up. I'm glad you are having an MRI to rule out any medical issues. Hopefully when you get the results, you will be able to settle down. I thoroughly understand your fears right now. I've been there and have prayed for the same thing, strength and courage. I have certainly done my share of crying as well. I wish you good luck with the test and please let us know how it goes. Are you okay doing an MRI? xx

Hi, I've been having painful pins and needles in my right arm and hand, the best way I can describe it is when u have been sat on your foot awhile and go to stand up You get that painful feeling in your foot and leg, that's how my hand and arm feel. Some people are saying its anxiety which i do suffer or could be a pinched/trapped nerve. I get a lot of back, neck, chest and shoulder pain anyway, doctor says my muscles take the strain of my anxiety, I've had a lot of physio and done exersizes but nothing works.

Agora1 in reply to Lolly75

Hi Lolly75, I completely understand what you are talking about. I have put up with the pins and needles feeling in both my hands for years now. I don't believe it's from anxiety as much as it is from pinched/trapped nerves. I do have carpal tunnel in both hands and refused surgery several times so now not only do I feel the tingling but don't have feeling at the ends of my fingers. My mother was the same way. We both were so proud in being able to type incredibly fast and now this is the outcome. I carry ALL my stress in my neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. Sound familiar? I've had my share of physical therapy over the years. The only thing that ever helped was water exercise which I did for many years, 5 days a week. Now, I use the splints on occasion when I sleep as well as heat paks on the neck and upper back to loosen the muscles. As for my neck, I have 3 bulging discs, osteoarthritis in the discs and mild stenosis in the neck. It sounds like we have the same issues. I wish you better days and less pain. x

Bb53 in reply to Lolly75

Hi I get lots of pins and needles numbness and heavy pain in forearm lots of neck stiffness.your post very interesting take care 😊

Hi, it's awful I'm fed up with all of it, right now and on and off all day I've had only what I can describe as a butterfly fluttering high in my chest near my throat and it feels like I'm not taking a proper breath, like I said I'm fed up with it, feels like I'm moaning all the time.

Caddycat in reply to Lolly75

I'm fed up too. I can't seem to sleep cause of what happens to my body just when I relax. It's become a vicious cycle. From stress to not having a diagnosis causing anxiety which causes sleep disorder wirh paresthesia and repeat. I feel like breaking down. I hate relaying on medicine but as days go on with no sleep is looking like I might have to.

Lolly75 in reply to Caddycat

It's just awful I've had all sorts of tests, I also suffer with Ibs and reflux/ gerd. I do have times when I get through with no problems I have gone 4 weeks then out of no where bam it starts again

Agora1 in reply to Lolly75

Lolly75, I so remember those days when I felt that same butterfly fluttering near my throat. I too was fed up, frightened and just plain tired of having that feeling. I feared the worse but nothing even happened. It was like my anxiety was toying with me, trying to make me lose it. Don't worry about moaning all the time, afterall you don't feel good. No body but this group of people could possibly understand what it is like to go through this repeatedly every day, longing for a break. It will come Lolly, I don't know what it will take for you, but it will happen one day that you will be in control again. Meanwhile, come here to the forum, we understand. x

Lolly75 in reply to Agora1

Thanks agora1, been in bed 2 hours again already and no sleep yet, got pains in my back between my shoulder blades, chest, neck, arms, throat, also feeling hot with hot flushes of sickly dizziness, I'm feeling a bit scared tonight, my monthly is due I also have Ibs and that's playing up with a gurgly / noisy tummy and I have reflux / gerd which is playing up causing burning indigestion at the mo. I'm laying here with a hot water bottle


Dear friend, check discontinuation withdrawal symptoms. Antidepressants are also alnagesic and act on the nervous system. When one try to stop them too fast, it will create some unpleasant side effect like tingling, muscles twitching, muscle spasms and weird skin sensation. Anyway, the is a site called surviving antidepressants. You are not an exception and please relax. Nothing bad is happening to you. Go have your Mri to get your peace of mind and to rule out everything but I am right now tingling in my feet, arms and it is not the first time it happens. Each time I stop antidepressants, these awful physical feelings appear. In the site I mention to you, they wil give you a schedule on slowly withdrawing from the antidepressants. Doctors do not recognize this as being withdrawal symptoms so you can try to discuss it with your GP but don't except much confirmation. Mine did not and said it was my anxiety and depression and that I needed to go back in medication except the side effects like insomnia and weight gain are awful on me and each time I gave in and stopped again I made my life more miserable than it used to be.

Your symptoms are really very typical of what is now being talked about I the Internet in "madinamerica" and "surviving antidepressant". Coming off benzo is actually much more difficult as the physical feeling create rebounding anxiety.

Take care

Caddycat in reply to Hidden

I just found this out on my own connecting the dots .with no help of all my specialist and test results proving nothing. I will message you seperately very soon.

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