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Pressure/Weird Sensation on Right Side of Head

Hi All.

I've been experiencing some weird pressure/feelings on the right side of my head every single day for the past month or so. I've been taking an advil a day that usually helps with it temporarily.

To best describe it, I can feel like there's something there. It's not painful, per's just a strange sensation. Imagine for a second that you wet a spot of your head and the cold air is hitting it. That's the sensation I feel right now.

I went to a doctor recently and I let her know I suffer from anxiety attacks and I'm stressed out all the time, except for when I'm asleep. She put me on an anti-depressant and did labs on me. Labs came back fine with the exception of a vitamin D insufficiency, which I am now caring for.

Some additional details I should note are that I have been wearing the wrong eye glass prescription for over a year now because I haven't gone to my checkup. So I am forcing my vision. Another detail is that around 2012 I developed this habit of pushing my tongue against my bottom front teeth that I can't seem to stop. I've noticed this has caused the teeth in the back to shift and I bite the sides of my mouth more often.

Do you think the tongue thrusting (for 5 years now) and the outdated glasses are what's causing this?

I find it troubling that it is only the right side of my head and it's happening every day lately. I am strongly considering going to a doctor for a catscan, but wanted to see what your thoughts are as well. Thank you1

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Hi hypochondrix, I remember having a dull steady pain on the right side of my head. I wouldn't be surprised if straining your eyes with the wrong prescription for a year isn't contributing to your head pain. As well as the habit of pushing your tongue against the bottom of your front teeth. That is a habitual issue that has put undue strain on your facial muscles whereas you are getting referred pain to your head. Taking an Advil daily is not addressing the pain because you are getting dependent on that pill and then you get rebound pain.

When I was getting the right sided head pain it was due to my anxiety and stress where I clenched my jaw and would purse my lips. Like you it was an automatic response to my stress. After a while, trigger points developed that caused the head pain constantly. I don't think they will see that much with a CatScan. I would suggest getting the correct prescription lenses first and then work on your habit of your tongue pushing against your teeth. A dentist would be able to correct your bite.

I'm not a doctor, but I've been there. I wish you well.

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oh my, thank you so much! I'm so happy you've been through something similar, it brings me comfort. yeah, I'm trying to eliminate all possibilities before freaking out about anything being wrong inside my head.

My next move will be the eye doctor and then the dentist.

Thanks for the reassurance!

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hypochondrix, it sounds like you will be taking the right steps. Keep us informed as to how you are doing... x


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