Feeling defeated

I really thought Zoloft was finally working, but yesterday I had one of my biggest panic attacks yet. I ended up in emerge because of palpitations and the nurse said my heart rate was irregular but in the 80s. My EKG showed that my heart rate was fine. I'm so discouraged and confused. I know anxiety can cause palpitations, but can it actually cause an irregular beat? She even asked me if I drank a lot of caffeine that day.

Anyone else?


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  • Hi Amy

    Sorry to hear that you feel as though you are back to square 1. I can't comment on the effectiveness of medication because I gave them up after a short period of time. I remember Dr Claire Weekes explaining the way to recover from panic attacks was to learn how to cope with them the right way. Meds might soften things up a little but, in my opinion, does not address the root cause of panic attacks and all other anxiety disorders. Fear or fear of fear. If you don't already have a copy, please read Essential Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. All that you need to recover from panic attacks is in that book.

    Keep reading it until you fully understand it. Then read it again.



  • Hi ive been trying to get her books heard she really has some good books can u read them online Beevee ?

  • I think so. Audio versions but I bought the paperback. Search for her online.

  • Will dp

  • Do*

  • I have had a few episodes where I have fainted after having palpitations and feel like my heart is irregular but it's just my mind overthinking, it's really hard to beat or control anxiety because most of the time it comes out of the blue, you should maybe try a beta blocker,propranolol, hope your feeling better x

  • Hi AnxiousAmy, whether on medication or not, our body is so sensitized that panic attacks do break through from time to time. The way we react to it will cause it to either cease or exacerbate. The average person from time to time will have irregular heartbeats and not think anything of it. Once the anxious person feels an arrhythmia, our minds go into overdrive causing chemical changes in our body. We tend to hyperventilate as well. All of these things combined can cause fast heartbeat, skipped beats or premature beats. You did the right thing by going to the ER where they said your heart was fine. The nurse asked if you drank a lot of caffeine that day because your intense anxiety caused the same amount of adrenaline as caffeine would. Don't get discourage or confused. Instead try to use some calming techniques to quiet your mind and body. Things happen, this is life. It doesn't mean the Zoloft isn't working, after all it is just a pill. We are the ones in charge of our emotions and how we react to them. Take care Amy, you will be okay. x

  • Your words are always so comforting! I was really hoping you would respond. Thank you so much Agora! 💕

  • I feel super defeated.

  • Hitting rock bottom is a good place to be, believe it or not. This is the point many people just decide to give up the fight and let the anxiety do what it wants to do. They give in to it, they surrender to it and just start living their lives regardless as to how rubbish they may feel. Hitting rock bottom means there us now only one way to go and that way us up. Give up the fight.

  • I feel like I am still resisting. 😧😩😳

  • Don't worry about it. Some of my biggest breakthroughs came on days where I wasn't sure how I would manage to cope. I did and used that knowledge to my advantage. If that was the best anxiety had to offer and I was still there in one piece, what else was there to fear? Each time this happened, it made acceptance that tiny bit easier. So, even when you think you are having a bad time of it, good stuff is still happening behind the scenes. By carrying on with your day and not worrying about the symptoms, your brain will start telling the rest of your body that there is no threat and your fear/flight response will gradually reduce in severity. By that time, you will have passed caring about it all anyway.

  • My husband has suffered with exactly this but it's rare. They asked exactly the same things but it was an anxiety attack, just a pretty fierce one

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