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Scared :(

I was in bed sleeping on my right side woke up to turn over felt my heart doing this weird fluttering thing then felt kinda nauseous got a little freaked out my heart starts racing so got up to get a water and watch a little tv. Did deep breathing got my heart rate down still shivering tho feeling weak and like passing out. My heart feels like it's beating irregular.

Anyone else get this???

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Hi pink,

I think you know by now that palpitations are a big part of anxiety?.

I get these feelings almost everyday , you did the right thing by doing the breathing exercises, and I hope it's made you feel better, I used to do the headspace meditation app on my phone ,have you tried this ?.

Pete xxx.


Thanks for the reply Pete

Yes for sure I know palpitations are a big part of anxiety but for it to wake me? It woke me again this morning


Hi pink :-) oh dear not a few good nights for you...had that myself to the point kept me awake for hours and not been able to calm down. Again you are not alone Hun ...have you had any meds from drs?


Hi Evey

I'm just so frustrated I feel like giving up. I have nothing left to fight this evil anxiety. I'm so irritable and emotional today. I just want to sleep but that doesn't come easy :(

Yes my dr tried me on cymbalta which I had a severe reaction to then citalopram which I was fine for the first few days then it made my symptoms worse so we decided that wasn't the right med for me and she has now prescribed me Effexor and lorazepam which I have not tried either. I'm too afraid :(


My dr gave me amitriptiline's a muscle relaxant but in high enough dosage can be used like lorazepam to admit the world seemed better after being on that a few weeks. :-) it is confusing this anxiety. I've had pains in my chest face neck n head this week...then realised it's coming up to lady time grrrr so it brings more pain. Lack of sleep will be making you feel worse. I'm going to alton towers for my sons birthday tomorrow and I'm terrified of roller coasters as I think ill have a heart attack on them :-( but I may face that fear and just do it :-) I'm sure I asked before but when did your anxiety start?


If I wasn't so terrified to try the lorazepam I sure would. I'm just so scared that something is wrong with my heart even tho drs tell me I'm fine. I go for a holter monitor on the 5 I'm hoping that will help put my mind at ease.

Well I've had anxiety for years but had my first attack about 5 months ago.

I hear ya. I've had head pains not a headache but head pains stomach pains and some chest pains this week as well.

What causes your face to feel so warm most the time??


Face feels warm due to the anxiety and stress...I'm currently sat with my mouth guard in from the dentist ...stress and anxiety cause me to clench my jaw and grind my teeth at night so now I have tmj in my jaw...bloody painful too around the face and head. Anything happen 5 months ago to cause your anxiety to get worse?


Hmm I had no idea that it was caused from stress and anxiety.

Oh you poor thing I can't imagine that would be comfortable.

A relationship I was in wasn't working out as I'm sure I wasn't the only girl he was seeing I broke up with him New Years but we still talked and I wanted to try n fix things but his word was different than his actions and the thought of my girl starting school this year really set me off


Ahhhh see you can trace it all back to then...worry over daughter going to school and if she will be ok? Plus relationship break ups can be one of the biggest anxiety causes grrrr maybe try councelling or cbt therapy?


Exactly I can't help but worry will she be ok. What if another kid hurts her. Will they make sure she has enough to drink for the day. What if she gets hurt mommy isn't there to comfort her. Ugh

Well I've been working on a self help program called attacking anxiety and depression and I start counseling soon actually :)


That happens often to me Pink, its very annoying and scary too. I have no advice b3cause i can't prevent it, only thing that helps is remembering ita just part of anxiety


Hi rosesRred

Thanks for the reply. I understand what you mean tho. Sometimes you can't give advice when you have the same and don't know how to deal with it.

So you've had heart palpitations wake you? It's so scary


Yes, sometimes I even will be laying there and almost feels like I forget how to breathe or like I cant take a breath and instart gasping fpr air and my heart gpes super fast and I get shaky naseous blah blah imhate it soo much


Oh dear :(

That happened to me the other night I had just started falling asleep and I woke up gasping for air. Or just as I'm starting to fall asleep I feel like I'm about to pass out. So scary :(


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