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I'm 18 and I experience heart palpitations for about a month now and I told my mom about it but she couldn't really figure out what is really this heart palpitations

I tried seeing a doctor who saiid might be stress but I wonder where this tress is coming from

It later get worst with symptoms of headaches dizziness weakness fatigue fast heart rate pounding heart and irregular heart beats

And the doctor asked me to do an ECG test which I took the results with my mom for the doctor to see and I suddenly fainted at the hospital and got admitted and the doctor is still telling me is stress. But honestly I don't actually know where this stress is coming from I just got discharged yesterday and I'm still feeling the same symptoms please help me?

Am I going to live like this for the rest of my life ?

I keep crying and thinking am about to die since this happened to me cuz I've never felt this symptoms before

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You'll be ok..Go and see another doctor and get a second opinion


I visited almost four doctors and they still telling me things about stress but I don't actually know what is causing this stress issue they talking about


Can you explain the stress your referring to


Hi Amina 7. I get those same symptoms. Except the fainting although sometimes I feel like I'm close to it when I take public transportation. I am due for an ECG on Thursday I'm hoping it comes out normal. But anxiety hits you any time. I even get woken up by it in the middle of the night. And today I woke up with it. I feel the flutter in my throat now. When you feel this high level of anxiety just briefly stop what you are doing and do some breathing exercises to calm yourself as much as you can so you can avoid passing out. You can look some up on YouTube. Anxiety is not easy, but you can find ways to cope with it and not let it over run you.


Thanks for your comment it really relief me a little thanks again


I used to have fears about public transport and what it was that upset me was when it was crowded rather than when there was hardly anyone on there.

the best way to overcome fear is to face it and look at what it is that upsets you say did you have a bad experience on public transport and that started off the fear and start small like going on buses out of rush hour and working up from there.

I still try to avoid crowded public transport if its not essential to go out. With fears you know its irrational but it doesn't stop you feeling scared.


if you're not happy with what the doctor told you ask them if you can see a colleague at the practise for a second opinion.

have you had anything major happen in your life lately as I have had this when I have been through stressful events and its frightening but im sure its nothing to worry about as worrying makes things worse.

the doctors sometimes prescribe beta blockers for anxiety and they help with that.


Sometimes I'm just not happy with a doctor and will go to another one for more insight. I hope, Amina, you can find the right diagnosis and NO you aren't going to die. It IS going to get better.

My mom, in her 20's, had tachycardia attacks for a year off and on. She felt dizzy, felt like she was going to die, felt light-headed, etc. She went to her doctor and he said it was just stress. He didn't give her anything for it, but it seems to me you should have some anti-anxiety medication. One thing the doctor did say to her was to breathe into a small paper sack squeezed to your mouth when you feel an attack coming on.

I hope you feel better soon because it is a miserable thing to handle.

Hugs and Strength,



I agree get second opinion, suitable medication can help.


Hi Amina 7,

I agree with the posts above. Another treatment you can try each day without fail is Mindfullness it is free and you can find some beginners meditation exercises on YouTube to follow. They are brilliant at helping calm you and your mind quickly. But you must practice in peace and quiet. Hope this helps.


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