Anti anxiety natural supplements

Anti anxiety natural supplements

For the past month I have been home sick with anxiety attacks dizzi vertigo all time I don't take none anti anxiety medication that's make me feel worse so am doing it the natural way am drinking Magnesium powder in a glass of water I am also drinking kava tea I also bought the kava supplements in capsule. Am also awaiting one cannavis oil does not have htc so it does not get u high I watch so many documentary and reviews on how it can help anxiety attacks

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  • How are these working for you? I too don't like the anti depressants

  • It has been helping me relax since I don't get heart palputation I get dizzy when my chest hurts I just hade to sit down ran out cosco trying to get vitamin D and complex B

  • So how do you use the cannabis oil? Is it for the body or do you take it orally?

  • I just started yesterday. You take it orally i have been doing a lot or research to see what can help me out I try anything

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