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Feeling Hopeless

Hello everyone..

So ive been trying to handle my anxiety and my issues day by day... But i have been having issues with health insurance and i cant continue to see my Therapist and get my meds. So ive been cold Turkey for about 2 months now. And anxiety comes and goes and it just wont leave me alone. Iam sad iam Alone and i feel like i cant keep going. I have this Huge headache. I havent been eating well iam falling into a deep depression... Iam just Having Faith that all this will get better soon. :(

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Hi WhereIsFreedom, I'm so sorry you are having insurance issues. Stopping cold turkey is not the best way to go but since you have been off meds for 2 months now you may be able to see it through by knowing the symptoms will eventually subside. As for seeing your Therapist, I agree this wasn't the best time for you to not have insurance because therapy would have helped you cope better while off meds. This is the time now that you will have to be your own advocate and take matters into your own hands. I would start using YouTube for therapy replacement. There are so many good videos you can literally watch once a day giving you some ideas how to calm the mind and body, how to go through withdrawal of meds as well as how to get out of deep depression. And all those are free. So you do have some choices until things get settled with insurance. As for feeling sad and alone, come to the forum and talk to people so you don't feel so isolated. You will get better and maybe all that happened is for a reason that it will work out for the best. Take care.


Thank you agora!

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