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Weird vision

I have alot of weird anxiety symptoms that come and go. Lately my vision has been the biggest problem. I went and had my eyes checked about a year ago was told I had astigmatism (not sure on spelling) I got glasses and they bother me alot when I wear them I think they might be to strong. Anyway I haven't been wearing them and lately when I drive my eyes feel weird like I feel like I need to close them all the time, things look a little weird hard to explain. I have a hard time focusing on driving. Driving has been a problem with me since I started with the anxiety I don't feel like I should be driving alot of times and my symptoms get so much worse when I drive especially if I get into traffic or drive longer distance. I used to never be this way years ago I would just jump in car by myself and go anywhere. Now sometimes I have problems driving 5 min. To the grocery store.

Does anyone else have this problem and how do you fix it?

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I also have bad vision with anxiety though i wonder if it is the citalopram i take ? I cant read a book any longer and i struggle to see things like i used to. I also was prescribed glasses but i too dont believe they help either. I have no advice sorry but i do know this anxiety diagnosis is a pain all round and i wish health professionals would research it more for all our sakes.


I just posted somthing similar to this and I am at a loss, has your issue improved at all?!


No I have not got any better. I keep going to more and more doctors and they allook have the same reaction which is hmmm.

It's very fustrating. My symptoms really come and go and my period has alot to do with it. But I don't now how to change that. I have been having more problems with a high heart rate now to. I am going to ask my doctor about pots syndrome. It sounda so much like me. But alot of things do.

I hope you find something that helps you. This is so hard to live with and it's so fustrating to deal with on a daily basis.

Keep in touch maybe we can help each other out.


I'm really Sry your going through this, it's a horrible horrible feeling. Has UR heart rate been high due to anxiety? People are telling me nothing is wrong with me which I am thankful and some are mentioning this diagnose of "depersonalization." It is very frustrating.


I think my heart rate is because of anxiety. That's when I notice it gets high. Doctors don't know though. I'm on a beta blocker which had helped to get it down. But it makes me super tired all the time. I am currently being checked for hyperperathyroid. I think what I have is pots syndrome. I have been thinking that for a while and now with my heart rate it makes me feel like it's that even more.


Have your calcium level checked through a blood test. My doctor thinks I have a hyperperathyroid problem.

If it's not that we are going to also test for pots syndrome.

Just thought this might help you a little. Something to look into anyway. I am waiting for my pera thyroid test to come back the first of the week.


Kris5- just want to let you know a update with me maybe you can look into this as well. This might be causing your problems to.

I pushed my doctor to do a ton of blood tests. She just called me today said that one of my tests show that my insulin level is extremly high. Which is what is causing all my symptoms.

My glucose test came back completely normal you have to insist on a insulin test. I am going in next week to do a 3 hr glucose test and also a 24 hr urine test.

Also make sure they are checking your thyroid properly. Tests need to be Free T3 and Free T4 also test thyroid antibodies. I even had a thyroid ultrasound done.

Also have your perathyroid checked.

I have done a lot of research and I think I am finally getting somewhere.

It's funny because my doctor and my cadiologyst asked if I wanted a job I have told them what to do and it seems that we may have figured it out.

Hope this helps you


I had to stop driving completely I start panicking and my eyes do this crazy out of focus thing when I would drive now they do it every time I try to talk to someone which is horribly embarrassing I can only imagine what people think


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