Sad 😭

I am so sad that I feel the way I do. I am so sick of it!! My mind drives me up a wall all day. My mood is so up and down and I seriously could lay here and cry all day! I started feeling better this past week and now I feel like I am at rock bottom again. I just wanna drive in the middle of no where and scream my head off! Ughh why. Why is this even a thing. My muscles are so sore in my back and it literally makes me think its my heart and of course all day it will be in my head that it is my heart. So as for today the pains I get and the anxiety wins.


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7 Replies

  • That's part of the anxiety condition I'm afraid..feeling likeur making progress only to be brought back down with a bump..try to stay positive and accept these feelings will gradually lessen their impact when we don't give them the attention they need to survive.

    Sorry I can't help you more at the moment.

    Thinking of you

    Peter x

  • Anxiety makes you hyper sensitive to feelings and this is on of them. If you want to pull the plug on this trigger, ask to see a cardiologist and have a stress test and eco and ekg done. When I first had my attacks I went and got checked and I threw my cigaretts out the window. I found out my heart is healthy and I've lost 70 pounds since then. I worry at times but remember it's anxiety trying to make me focus on it. I think back to my test that were done. Cheer up and look past the anxiety. Don't focus on the anxiety, think beyond it. Read a book, go for a walk, it's hard because it will pop up but your mind over anxiety and you'll win!!!!

  • See I was told that its my muscles from my back that wrap around into my chest.. I had two ekgs done just about 2 weeks ago. A few days apart. Even been told by the Er that my heart is strong. I am a smoker which doesn't help with things at all. I also have inflamtion in my stomach and a lot of acid. Got results yesterday on my gallbladder and told that it might need to be removed depending on how bad it gets. Also had a doctors appt before that and I have a bladder infection. Im on antibiotics for the infection and I also take meds for my anxiety and it keeps me calm but the nasty cycle of thoughts still come on strong in my head. With everything going on i physically feel ill. In my mind everything is wrong with me. And its always something new. Its like I sit here and dwell and dwell and drive myself nuts with everything. Its awful and I can't stand it. Its hard to rule out what is causing what with everything going on. And it makes me sad that I have to wake up and deal with it. I feel like I feed my mind all the BS and it just makes me think everything is worse than it actually is. I live in fear. Literally every single day.

  • Also have been told by several doctors that all this stems from anxiety but the pains I feel are so real that it is so hard to believe

  • My day isn't so hot if it makes you feel any better. The lymphnodes on the right side of my head are all swollen and hurt and it's freaking me out. I think it's just a cold from fall allergies though but of course i think the worst 😭 Well make it though , we always have! Lol

  • Lol we always do! But on a serious note it scares me bad

  • My heart is stuck in my head today too. Try to ignore it. Cry all you need. If you need to go scream somewhere do it, it truly helps. I am sorry sucks dear. Guess what though I go through it too. We are gonna make it!!! Do you have some headphones? I put my headphones in on days like this, I walk around the outside of the house, listening to uplifting music or guided videos on youtube that help me a ton. On youtube type guided meditation for anxiety and stress, there are so many, but i love power thoughts meditation club, Jason Stephenson, and Infinite waters. Try it out. It might help you. There is a song called angels by Mica and that soothes me too. Good luck and never give up. I know it hurts because it hurts me too. You can always look to God too...he is always listening and loves you very very much.

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