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Argh 😭


Here we go again!! I have been trying to ignore this pain in my chest area for ages now.. but I can feel myself starting to panic which I don’t want to do!!!! The pain is around my back like in my spine all around my ribs at the front of my chest my boobs feel really sore to and pain down my left arm but feels like a kind of pinched nerve in arm! Laying here in bed and all I can think is the worst it’s getting to the point where breathing with my chest is KILLING ME I can feel a panic attack coming on so scared I keep just thinking well I went to hosptial the other week and had a chest X-ray n ECG and was normal so the pain in my chest then wasn’t heart related but I don’t understand what is causing this excruciating pain which is Frightening me I know people are getting fed up with me but I’m so drained feel like giving up with everything.. surely this ain’t normal WHO HAS THIS?!!

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If you’ve been in a lot of pain it’s almost likely anxiety but if I was you I’d get checked out even if it’s too put you’re mind at rest you could possibly also be coming down with a cold and flu there’s so much going round you obviously have to be careful because of you’re mums immune system with her being ill darling but just take yourself down a&e just because it’s in your chest and arms

Take care

Nat xx

Kaaayla in reply to Natzsteveo

Oh don’t 😢😢.. I feel like going hosptial will make me worse and don’t really want to go there if I don’t have to n catch something in there! I have been there about over a month ago with the pains in my chest n was fine ecg n chest X-ray was normal he said , I’m getting scared now maybe it’s just muscular I keep telling myself that to try stay calm x

Natzsteveo in reply to Kaaayla

Try you’re best to keep as calm as possible I know it’s not easy it could be muscles because you’ve been so anxious we tense our muscles so hard they ache and become sore don’t worry honey put some headphones in listen to some soft music download the app called calm this is for anxiety.. I also go on YouTube and listen to waves it may sound daft but it helps me loads breathe in through your nose out through your mouth



I just thought you could have fibromyalgia on top of the chondritis. Have you heard of that?

Agora1 in reply to Hidden

Pam, I think that as well.

I have both (although no longer bothered by it) I know the symptoms

all too well. :) xx

Kaaayla in reply to Agora1

Sorry you suffer from that! What causes it?x

Kaaayla in reply to Hidden

What is fibromyalgia? Xx

Agora1 in reply to Kaaayla

Kaaayla, I was a Fibromyalgia Poster Child at one time. My Rheumatologist and I

made a short film in discussing Fibro.

Fibro is a chronic condition which causes pain throughout the body. It's linked to

fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches as well as Anxiety/Depression. The patient presents with tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons and soft connective tissue.

There are tender points throughout the body that hurt when pressed on. But this is also

the way Fibro is diagnosed by your doctor. Depending how many tender points you have and where they are located.

Now Costochonritis is very common when dealing with the Fibro patient.

Costo is an inflammation of the cartilage ribs and sternum causing Chest Pain and

difficulty breathing on occasion. This is a non-cardiac chest pain/muscular skeletal

pain. *and that is why your heart always checks out as okay.......

All in all Kaaayla, these are benign conditions.

Stress plays a big part in these issues. :) xx

Kaaayla in reply to Agora1

Yeh I’m still waiting to hear from muscular skeleton specialist my doctor referred me months ago but still haven’t heard anything.. it’s just so painful!! I take ibuprofens and paracetamol and a hot water bottle it takes the pain away abit but not a lot! Xxx

Agora1 in reply to Kaaayla

I hope you get into your Rheumatologist soon.

FYI over the counter pain relievers do not work on Fibro.

Some doctors give antidepressants. Good Luck and let me know how you

make out with the appointment. :) xx

Kaaayla in reply to Agora1

Just want to get to the bottom of this pain it’s driving me crazy!!!

I probably be waiting ages to hear from them due to Covid !

Hope all is well with u agora xxxx

Agora1 in reply to Kaaayla

I understand and am very sorry you are in such pain. xx

Kaaayla in reply to Agora1

I just hope it ain’t my heart! Xx

karl7278 in reply to Kaaayla

I do hope your ok, and don't get me wrong I'm being so cautious as to say I would love to be able too find a genuine, mutually understanding person to both exchange experience, advice or just to talk to. But it's hard for me, I'm a guy, talking about stuff and self confidence

Hi Kaaayla may be you it could be muscle sensitivity or growth ache maybe try relaxation with a good soothing bath stimulant like radox very good or you can try medication cream for pain called Analgesic just rub in if you get any signs of continued pain or pressure take pain relievers or if causing to much discomforts speak to a Doctor or Nurse ay youre practice hope you solve the Anxiety

Kaaayla in reply to moxond

I have tried analgesic gel Iv tried Ibuprofen paracetamol hot water bottle.. Iv spoken to my doctor about it. I can’t see him in person so he literally just diagnosing me over a phone x

Kaaayla, I am very sorry you are in so much pain too. It’s terrible when they can’t find anything causing it to make it better. It’s good in a lot of ways to be told your ok, but when they can’t find anything and your in so much pain and having a difficult time and nothing relieves it, it can be very debilitating.. and hard. I hope you find answers and you get relief. Have you had an echo, seen a cardiologist to rule things out. Anxiety apparently can do a ton to our bodies. Two years ago my world was flipped upside down and my symptoms are complex as the Neuro says and severe but I still am suffering. And I hope you don’t suffer for too long and you get better like many on here. When you feel your heart starting to race, try slow deep breathing, or bare down and cough and then slow deep breaths. Another thing someone said is to put your head or body in cold water. I do hope you get better.

It’s so awful!! Yeh I seen a cardiologist last year had like a heart kind of scan and ecg .. but that wasn’t for the chest pains I wasn’t really having them back then it was more because I felt like my heart was not beating right and kept getting like skipped weird missing beats that was catching my breath, but I just don’t understand how anxiety can actually cause this chest pain it’s awful I still have it as we speak I try everything to get rid of it and that’s what scares me😭.. I have only spoken to my doctor over the phone and he said could be a slipped disc in spine and he was going to refer me to skeleton specialist but still haven’t heard anything then I ring him back then he says it’s Costochondritis then I ring him back couple weeks later saying pain still not gone now he saying gastritis.. I just don’t have a clue! Neither does he by the sounds of it just so scared 😢.. hope ur ok to xx

Gentle stretches. Simple yoga. Concentrate on breathing.

I feel the chest back tightness sometimes. I think it's just from all the tension I carry. Stretch. Breathe. It's just muscles wound up too tight.

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