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So I have prehypertensive BP and I recently quit smoking 3 weeks ago and been losing weight, last night I was laying in bad and I felt kinda spacy for a moment so I decided to check my pulse, was normal..... I put on a blood pressure cuff and the reading I got was 110 over 45, I instantly panic a little but then take it again because maybe I did something wrong and I take the cuff off and place it back on and it's 89 over 44 so I throw the thing off and think on what to do. It was night time, I was laying down, I've noticed I get odd readings during the day today and have felt a little SOB, I don't want to go to the ER because they'll think I'm crazy and my doctor can't see me for a week. What do I do? Is this something to be alarmed about?.....

During the day it's normal 120-125 over 78 to 86. I have little spikes here and there and I'm not on BP meds, I'm only 31, just wasn't sure what to do. My average BP thru out thru out a day is 121 over 76 if you average me out

I don't want the old this is anxiety spill of I want to the er, I was and have been light headed.


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  • I completely understand where you are coming from. But one comment stuck out to me, "I don't want the, this is just anxiety" message.

    I've battled through this and for one a, glad I did. The reason why I am glad I did is because I was able to develop a relationship with God. He has helped me tremendously.

    I do have to say that, what if this (positive what if) this is anxiety? Your body (the mechanics of it) is a work of art. it's perfect in the way it was created. So having your blood pressure go down or up is ust your body doing what it is supposed to. Regulating itself.

    I had/have health anxiety. I would be so concerned with anything that my body did. I had to learn that whatever my body is doing is OK and that my body will tell me when something is really bad.

    If you can pick up a phone and dial 911 and explain to someone what is happening then you don't need to go to the ER. (advise from my GP) Still get whatever it is you need checked out but ER might now be the best place.

    What am I saying? you are stronger then you think and I know you can beat this.

  • I'm so sick of the anxiety, why does it exist.

  • Best way to deal with anxiety is to know it is thre and accept it. After accepting it your body and mind will adjust normally. It will take some time though. Everyone has anxiety... It is just the level of anxiety that is different for some people.

  • I'm on meds for both and mine goes up in down a lot. It's the nature of things my doctor said it's only too low if you feel tired and out of it. Healthy people can have 90/50 type readings in no symptoms are present.

  • First thing I'd do is to stop checking your BP, I can totally relate to your symptoms, I've been there and hated every second of it, I'm in a much better frame of mind now, but checking yourself doesn't work, it just feeds the anxiety further, no matter what reading you get an anxious, over sensitized mind will always interpret the readings as cause for concern, acceptance is the key, practice accepting your symptoms and you'll eventually disarm the anxiety :-)

  • I am going to stop but just wondering can being that low be bad? Its kinda scary.

  • I suffer with low BP, it was discovered years ago, I saw a cardiologist who explained that my low BP wouldn't necessarily cause me any harm, she suggested I eat regular meals and exercise, it's never really been a major problem, maybe the odd dizzy spell but nothing more, I never ever check it and when its checked by the doctor I never ask what it is, I don't want to worry my anxious mind with extra concerns hahaha, just try and cut down on checking if you can, :-) xxx

  • Thanks

  • Welcome, god dam anxiety has alot to answer for eh!

    You'll be ok :-) xxx

  • Your BP isn't low, it is completely normal and healthy. My BP is 99/50 when relaxed. However, I know exactly where you are coming from as I used to have panics about high blood pressure - made worse as my BP went up with anxiety! I may also have put the cuff on incorrectly in my anxiety and didn't even know whether the thing was accurate! I'm still here, BP fine :-) Put the BP cuff away and don't even check your pulse if you feel a bit funny just breathe through it. The anxiety is being fed by your checking. You'll be fine. Good luck.

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