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Morning anxiety

Anyone suffer morning anxiety witch thay dont whant to get out bed then a get up it hits me all over again got the thoughts back that am going to die any min off day and a seem like giving up as s dont no watt to do to try take mind off it a start to get breathing problems as thought a need to catch ma breath so horrible just hate going throught it all again

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I do get terrible morning anxiety. My stomach hurts and my heart races. Then I force myself to get up and I feel better.


Yeh a force ma self to get up to but find it hard


Yep, everyday. I have bad migraines, so hard to focus on anything.


A hate them am just that scared a think a have convinced ma self that am going to die its so scary find it hard ro sleep ans get up ppl say anxiety can do that to u

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I hate mornings this is the worst time of all for me. I can't eat, drink or sleep the anxiety attacks my stomach and it feels awful for hours. I do try the "you don't bother me" thinking, it helps a little. Or I say c'mon bring it on you B-----d!

I once talked myself out of a migraine! So it can work at times. It's a nasty thing but pills don't always ease it. But I will try anything just for a day without these nasty feelings.

Hope you soon feel better. x


Thanks is just the felling that am going to die all time scary


Yes Maggie, I also have that feeling sometimes. Many a night I wake up and my heart feels likes it's just going to stop. I often say in my mind "oh well if it's gonna happen get on with it". I told my doctor and he sent me the the heart consultant who did a 2 day monitoring and of course everything was fine. For no reason at all my heart often flutters and beats like mad or seems to go really slow and i think I'm a gonna!!

You must talk to your doctor or maybe a practise nurse, they really will help you even it you don't want to take medication you will have their support.

Hope your feeling ok today.

Kath xx


How do u over come the fear that your not going to die a try not think about it but its hard sometimes a dont whant to be around pepole our get out ma bed to do it all over again


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