50 kind of cancers

I am Male 23 Perfectly fine human being with no problem at all in body few month back,It all started on july 27th with a minor headache and dizziness and I went crazy ever since,Now I have come to state where I fell I have 50 type of cancers and deadly diseases ,I have lost 4 kg of weight I have problem with my throat always burning I have problem with my stomach always bloating I have problem passing stool thin and narrow, I have shaky legs which feels like lifeless .I have Pain in eyes,Back pain and chest pain while breathing.All these symptoms I have developed in Past 4 months How wonderful right??I have gone through All type of possible blood tests(CBC,Thyroid,Lipid Profile,Liver HDL,LDL, ESR , WIdal etc),Name any blood test I have gone through all except from Little high LDL and little less HDL everything was perfect.Also gone through MRI,CT scan of head normal, ECG and chest XRAY normal been to 15 doctors from past 4 months no diagnose.I have become frustrated now I am 100% sure it is not anxiety anxiety doesn't cause sore throat for 2-3 weeks,anxiety doesn't cause leg weakness ,thin stool ,Back pain etc.I have never been to doctor before that but from 4 months I am only looking for doctors all around. I am 24*7 stressed because of it these days.Any suggestions will be grateful.



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  • It feels as I wrote this post myself. I have been through everything u named from all the symptoms,test,thoughts,and doctors. My anxiety also started from a headache and dizziness. I now have all the symptom that you have. I've read others' post and thought that my symptoms was the same as theirs until I read yours. I just can't believe that our symptoms are exactly alike. I now don't feel alone although I wished neither one of us was going through this. I too assume everything has to be cancer. I think were are watching too much Tv. I used to also google my symptoms and I stopped that because I was on a one way ticket to the crazy house. I honestly believe that we have severe anxiety. I wish u the best and I will keep you in my prayers!

  • How do u manage not googling ? Its very difficult for me, What are you doing to get rid of it?

  • Hi fedup first thing first discuss with your doctor how you feel try keeping a diary of how you are feeling om a day to day basis ! I myself felt like i was in a bad way with severe headaches but i know whats causing them its tension headaches ! The reason i worry about headaches is i had a brain anurysuem two years ago and ive recovered better than some ! What it sounds as if youve got is a combination of health anxiety and severe depression please go to your doctor and tell him everything !theres no quick fixes as everybody is different ! have you got a support network ie friends and family who understand how you are feeling ! Please let me know how you get on take care (david)

  • Hi David,

    I have a very good support network of family and friends who understands me but still feel helpless,They are also not liking the way I have become ,They keep on saying We dont feel like ur the same person who was so fun loving always happy no matter what and all of a sudden has become so tensed ,worried and sick all the time

  • Fedup23,

    Anxiety can and do cause throat pain, weakness in your legs, bowel issues. You name it, having anxiety will cause it. They are just symptoms though. I have had all of those same symptoms and still have them. Its anxiety not cancer. Blessings to you my friend.

  • Thanx for support buddy

  • I too am lucky that I have a supportive network of family and friends that accept me for what I am. It isn't especially big but that makes it cosy. I would try positive googling and you will find out that all you describe are symptoms of anxiety. their are sites that can help such as headspace. They don't stop the anxiety but help people cope on a day to day basis. You might also try going to talk to your doctor and explaining how you are feeling. They may offer medication or off some form of talking therapy or both.


  • I can only echo what others have said.. I have health anxiety which lands up making me feel like I have every illness under the sun.. anxiety will cause and accentuate so many pain and aches and by itself it's symptoms can be enough to affect someones life you sound like you have physical problems made worse by anxiety .. i do hope you can manage to calm a little so it helps the other symptoms.. books on anxiety have helped me especially those wrote by Dr Claire Weekes.. hope this helps x

  • I m just to afraid of cancers :(

  • You and me too xxx

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