Random Surges Of Pain Throughout Body

One of my main Anxiety triggers are Heart pain, being itchy, headaches, or like muscle spasms / twitches.

But right now I'm having like random pain in my food, neck, etc and it just comes and goes, it's nothing serious but it kinda does make me worry a lot, I don't like dealing with anything like that without knowing what the cause is, and sometimes there's not even a cause,

I trip out and think I was bit by a spider or some shit and that doesn't help, just makes me feel worse.

Lordy , I hate an over anxious mind, you could just be chillin then BOOM something stupid just sets off your mind, we all go through it, so I'll try and remember to tell myself that it's just negative energy I don't need to be tripping myself out with.

- Tabuu


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  • Do you use nicttine caffine alchoel or another stuff?

    Do you take medication?

    Do you sleep well?

    How is your diet?

    Do you drink alot of water?

    Do you make every thing you can to het good.sleep?

  • no nicotine , no medications , i sleep like a baby, and i sleep well now that i start smoking marijuana again, before i would have bad sleep anxiety and the shakes, i only drink water and sometimes powerade lol

    so yeah it's just the anxiety i'm pretty sure

  • OMG!! I'm the same way. One minute I've fine, then the next I'm having a panic attack or my anxiety is getting the best of me. I hate feeling like this. I feel like I always have something wrong with me. Do you take anything for your anxiety? I take Prozac, but I think it's not working. I never want to go out and do anything, because I'm scared I'll have a panic attack. Knew thing happening.... My temple on my right has been having really bad pressure.....

  • Crazy thing for me is I don't have bad anxiety attacks when I'm out in public, working or with friends because my mind is too occupied to even think about it, most anxiety usually comes from when i'm alone or dealing with de-realization , which can be just as bad as anxiety,

    I don't take anything for it, I heard Xanax helps but I don't think I need to take anything unless it gets really really bad,

    I hate sleep anxiety more than anything and just over thinking negative thoughts, turning small problems into life or death blah :/

    Hope you feel better (:

  • I've noticed lots of people take Xanax to help them with anxiety My dr. gave me something last year cakes lorazpram... I might have spelled it wrong. It is supposed to help take the anxiety away. I don't think it help. I'm going to call the dr and see what he has to say about Xanax.... I need something else. Do you worry a lot about everything stuff? I do, I wish I didn't but I can't help it. I've even thought about talk therapy...... But I don't know about that. I think I would rather take something for this, then talk to someone. Thanks so much for replying to me;)

  • I have this. Sometimes I'll get like a random shooting pain somewhere in my body :/

  • Yeah I hate that shit, it's pretty damn trippy sometimes

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