Another panic attack

Had another panic attack can't be dealing with these I can't even work properly am a plaster bye trade but freaking out at everything am on medicine but doesn't seem to be helping at all am back with the doctor on 23rd as still not sleeping or eating rite feel so helpless and the wife doing her best but can't snap out of this depression any advice would be great


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  • So sorry you are feeling this way Jjb30. How long have you been taking the medication? It took a while for prozac to kick in for me. So it might just be a time thing.

    It is perfectly understandable when you are going through a job transition to be depressed and anxious. It's normal. If you didn't feel this way you would be crazy. Just know, this too will pass and you will get through it!

    It can be really tough to work and deal with panic attacks. I don't know your story but for me I am out of work and in therapy to address the root cause of my anxiety, depression and ptsd, which is painful and difficult to face my issues (childhood trauma) but eventually I hope to release these horrible memories and move on with my life, get back to the workforce.

    So maybe if your anxiety and depression sets in too deep for you to handle, you should consider reaching out for professional help. Not easy to do but it could be something that won't go away on it's own. For me I had no choice, it was deal with my issues or crawl down that big ol' dark hole.

    Sounds like you have a loving wife and powerful reasons to keep on fighting no matter how hard it seems right now. So I send you encouragement and support, I know it's tough! But you're not alone. We are here for you.

    No easy answer for this.... if anyone else has any advice I'd also like to know!

  • Thank you for that basically lost the driving licence at February then all he'll broke in lost business trying to work for guys when u have Been on ur own a long time then panic attacks cumming in really strong,am on sertraline 50 mg this is nearly 4th week am booked back in to see doctors as am a wreck only thing keeping me going is wife and kids but I've had them suicidal thoughts 😵😵

  • I wish my magic wand worked!! Sometimes hypnotherapy helps!! It helped me. I downloaded some apps onto my phone. There are some good ones and often are free. I wouldn't get out of bed till I'd listened to it!! Then as often as I could in between. Also before I went to sleep.if you haven't already tried them it's worth a go as you've nothing to lose👍

  • I know you lost your job and your business, you made a mistake and that's no more than the rest of us have done. Lots of people have been in the same position. The fact is that you've had your own business!! So why can't you have it again!! When you get your licence back that could be your goal. I know what's happened to you hurts!! Also your pride has been hammered. Stop beating yourself up and try not to look back. You can't change what's happened now you can only look to your future it's the best way. You know things could always be worse! i could list so many things but I won't I'm sure your glad to here. Your not on your own either!! You've got a loving family too who are supporting you. I always try to find the positive in every situation, I'd like to think that I would think ok!! It's happened now il show people how you can come back from this. When your kids get older and they feel like its too hard to achieve sometimes you can say, nothing's impossible, look what happened to me!! And I'm here still fighting and I'm back on my feet. You can do it you know. Lick your wounds and gather your strength. Set yourself a goal each day even if it's a small one. You can even use hypnotherapy for motivation!! Get well and I'm thinking of you and your family.🙏🏻

  • Thank you for that I've 5 months to go till I can apply,for licence them words means a lot thank God I do have my wife other wise I wouldn't have came this far,

  • Those 5 months will soon pass, every morning when you wake up just think another day closer to getting your licence back, keep strong, you will get there🙏🏻

  • Hoping so if I don't panic anymore and stuff up the amount of work I've had to. Turn away😵these feelings aren't nice hard to focus just want to crawl up and cry but can't cause of my wife and boys and walking my dogs isn't helping me focus😖

  • Sounds like you have a wonderful wife. And as Angep says you should be proud of yourself for once having your own business, and know that in time you can do it again. It might take a while to get back on the horse but give yourself this time to take it easy, shake it off and then you can get on with it again.

    The strongest people and the wisest are the people who have taken hard knocks in life and then found it in themselves to get up again. People can learn a lot from you. Hang in there. You are worth it!!

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