Mornings are the worst

I sleep great now...finally, after two months of insomnia. But now my problem is the morning. I wake up ok, but then a few moments later high anxiety hits! I know my thoughts really have a lot to do with it because I start goes another day, what's gonna go wrong today??? It's become a vicious cycle and I am so tired of it...please Jesus give me one entire NORMAL CALM DAY. 😧


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  • I'm the same every morning i am so done with life and think the worst and by night I'm fine and it's the same every day I can't even each my breakfast without feeling sick

  • Exactly me. Ugh. I wish I could find a solution to all this sooner than later.

  • I understand. Ive thrown up from a panic attack and then worked 9 hours before as a fry cook. talk about a stressful day.

  • I hear ya. What happened to us? I know I am strong, I have lived a normal life a million times! Now it seems like someone else is living my life in fear and sickness.

  • Just like me, morning's are the worst, I sleep well though, anxiety really sucks!

  • It's exhausting staring the day like this. I do appreciate knowing you guys know what I feel. Thanks for the response.

  • Starting***

  • I already have health problems so I wake up feeling as if I havent slept which greatly exacerbates this

  • I am sorry you are going through this. Life can get tough, I know first most of us. Let's beat fear. πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜š

  • Hi There

    I was having trouble in the mornings and dreading work. Last week I started a pretty strict morning routine that I am sticking too.

    5:25am - out of bed, glass of water, cup of tea at the table, use the facilities

    5:55am - walk dog round the estate

    6:35 - proper breakfast, make lunch

    7:00 - shower and change

    7:20 - read through to do list for day

    7:25 - leave house

    Not found it easy, but noticed that I was a bit calmer having not rushed and that I had two hours that were just for making me feel okay. Going to stick to it even on the weekends.

    Also trying evening routine (much easier)

    9:30 - walk dog

    9:45 - go through to do list for tomorrow

    10:00 - read a book (a novel)

    10:30 - lights out

    Hoping that the structure and knowing what is coming will help, it already has a bit. Not easy but I am hoping if I do it long enough that it will become automatic.

    If you are already doing this, then sorry for the big response, if not worth a go. Not as much time in the morning when you are moving and the thinking is being done when you want to, taking the power back.

    Whatever you do, I hope that you can get mornings sorted.

    Cheers, Matt

  • No i have NO routine...thank you very much. I will definitely try it out.

  • Matt, hi. My routine blew to pieces! Ugh. Help. don't know what to do. My routine is blocked by the negative energy of a specific person I am forced to live with. I go about my day and routine and the moment she steps into my aura area, her ugly negitive energy melts me apart into a nervous wreck! What to do....I try acoiding her at all cost but it is inpossible seeing as i need to help her or cross her. I feel like i take it all so peraonal with no choice. Any advice??? 😩😳😧

  • I feel like i have zero solution...because I have tried it all!

  • Hi Stay_strong

    First of all, it is okay to have a go at something and not make it all the time. It is not a failure and it you can have as many goes at it as you like. If your routine was too complex simplify it.

    Now you have that complication of someone you are 'forced to live with'.

    Do they actively stop you from having your time in the morning? Could you explain why you are doing it and that it could be good for both of you. Difficult as I am not sure if this person is a sibling, partner, lodger etc?

    If you feel like opening up a bit more then we could work through it together and may come up with something but I need a bit more to go on.

    We need to get you some choices.


  • Ok here is the real answer to that...I care too darn much what she thinks and then I start to soak up all her criticism toward me, lose confidence, and it builds up inside. I just want to stop caring what people think of me so I can truly love ME again.

  • Each day is simply a start for a new worry and I have kids that I am supposed to be concerned about and focusing on ....I'm so exhausted and my husband started getting sick of this

  • I feel your pain! Ugh. My family has about given up on me it seems...even though I know it isn't true.

  • Matt, kick my ass please! Get this shit out of me! Lol

  • Hi Staystrong

    I would rather give you a hug than kick your ass.

    You live in an incredibly tough situation, to be honest I have trouble imagining it.

    Take the positive that you want change and you want things to get better.

    You can only change how you react to the critism that is bringing you down.

    Can you get out and get a break from it at all?

    Please try and let the feelings in AND question them. If you are being told that you are 'bad', look for the evidence, if there isn't any then it isn't true. This is tough and harder when you have got the opposite of support.

    You need space, can you get some? Even a walk in the park or a hot chocolate in a nice cafe and a chat with a friend.

    I am sorry that I cannot be more help, wish I could teleport you to the Maldives for a couple of weeks.

    Keep trying, set your expectations at a sensible bar, celebrate success however small it may feel.

    Thinking of you, Matt

  • I've had this for over ten years but I get relief when I do the following. When you wake up in the morning force yourself to "throw away" every negative thought that crosses your mind. If you can't think about good things, think about nothing. As soon as the thought comes, you make it go. Do this for several weeks and you will see change. Our cortisol is highest in the morning and it will wreak havoc on us over-thinkers. Throw the thoughts away until you feel that cortisol kick start evening out as the day goes along. Exercise, stop the sugar and caffeine, toughen your brain power for morning time thought capturing and you will be on your way to recovery.

  • Thank you, it totally makes sense what you are saying and I will be working on it. I appreciate it.

  • You're welcome.

  • It takes dedication to "train" your brain and stop the ANTs (Auto negative thoughts). Just like exercising your muscles we have to exercise our brain to reverse years of negative thinking. Write down your negative thoughts and replace them with a positive thought. Memorize your positive replacement thought. You stick with this for 3-6 months and you will be amazed at the results. I'll be the first to say it's not easy but the results are worth it. We are strong individuals. We can train our brains to be better thinkers. Our body's physical symptoms from the anxiety will get better as well. Meds will only mask the problems for a few months but doing this can change your life.

  • Are you a life coach or therapist??? If not you should totally be one. Thanks so much! Your words are very helpful.

  • Nah, I'm just someone who struggled with the same thing you guys do. I've learned a lot over the last couple years. I'm still a work in progress but I have come a very long way. I love passing information along because I know how horrible a condition this is for the individuals who struggle with it. My goal is to be happy. Anxiety will steal your life from you. I've had GAD my whole life so my recovery is taking a while but I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. It takes a while to retrain the brain from decades of negative thinking. I'm getting there.

  • Thank you very much. It really does help me.

  • I know how it feels I wake up and my Brian just goes 'dont even bother with today you should just sleep for ever" it's horrible take a few hours from waking up to be able to leave the house. Routines work well its just I work nights and it's really hard to fine one that works

  • Hello

    I just wanted to respond with I know exactly how you feel some days you do feel like you could sleep forever !!

    I think people with aniexty like myself just crave for peace of mind and calm

    Take care and hope your day turns out well for you

  • I CRAVE PEACE OF MIND more than anything. Serenity is my goal. But it is so dang hard feeling so scared of my own body all the time.

  • My routine isn't working well i keep ending up back in bed miserable from the stress and the sensations. I hate giving in to them!!!

  • Yup no how this feels but mine has got to stage I can't even walk my dogs normally and work has been a nite mare can't think straight always thinking stupid thought s freaking out over everything and can't even plaster rite thinking am screwing up on my job

  • I stopped working in December...anxiety took over my life. I had been working a professional career for 11 years...and now I can hardly leave the house.

  • It's not nice at all I no your pain I've been plastering 15 years now I can't even think straight and I don't think meds working the wife at her whist end with me always tired don't want to do anything feel crap πŸ˜–

  • Always remeber WE CAN DO THIS!

  • Trust me, I feel like giving up sometimes, but I never will because we wouldn't be going through this if it weren't for a bigger, better purpose. I am beyond exhausted of it, and overwhelmed with my emotions and symptoms...I just feel deep down inside that I am going to come out of this. Let's keep trying to find peace with it.

  • These last few nites have been awful lying in bed then waking up soaked like my hole body soaking wet from swet loads am at the doctors the smorning going to say to him cause this isn't normal the wife said have u pea urself cause bed soaking I said no flip sake then she saw my t shirt and shorts 😱

  • I could just cry right now seeing how many of us feel this...thank you all so much! 😟☺😚

  • When I wake up straight away now I. Know the physical anxiety will start and tell myself don't be surprised, I go downstairs, eat some fruit and drink a glass of Orange juice, I'm of the nausea group, it helps.

    Then I immediately switch in tv and put on a light hearted comedy such as Frasier, and watch an episode while running a bath, it helps me wake up gently and calms me the physical bullocks down a bit, it has become a bit. Of a routine I got into by accident.

    All the proffesionals and my family keep telling me routine helps 😊.

  • Frasier ...... That show has kept me company many a blue day :)

  • Tv isn't working for me anymore. 😟

  • Morning are worse for me my thoughts hit me from open my eyes to a shut them a just keep thinking am going to die our iam dying scarry

  • I know the feeling. We are gonna be ok. We have to be. We are not alone in this that's for sure.

  • I say that because I mean well, but I am struggling so bad with those same thoughts...i could cry but my tears are stuck.

  • Thank u very mutch just scary hope your ok hear if u need to talk

  • Thanks same here. 😊

  • I have the same problem! So need to cry but the tears don't come :(

  • I know, I need to cry so bad today actually but it won't come out. I usually have no problem crying but today I definitely can't get the tears out. You need to feel your pain and it will help...meaning ALLOW yourself to truly feel the pain that is sitting deep within. Like me, I am so frustrated with this anxiety cr*p and a specific person I live with who makes my life far harder coping with it... I have had my fill and I want my life back...just the thought of how much it is truly breaking my heart, it helps me start the tears a little. There are days where my eyes poor out tears on their own, and days like today where my tears are stuck inside. Try to see what is really hurting you or frustrating you, it might help. I am sorry, i know it sux.

  • wow, your situation sounds familiar; your question about try to figure out what is really upsetting me......that's hit a spot.........the answer frightens means that everything I believed the problem :(

    Sorry for being so cryptic; it's such a personal dilemma but I have no one else to talk to.

    Yes, I have tears pour out seemingly for no reason, then when I really feel hurt and need to cry, I can't! So frustrating! Does it mean I really don't care about anything anymore??

    Where are my feelings?!

    Am I numb?

    Sorry....just woke up to another scary πŸ˜“ day :(

    Time to get my act together (haha)

    Anxiety is a bitch

  • First of all, I feel your pain, and you can talk to me any time you need to. And, no, you are not numb, you still care, i think its the fear of feeling what is truly bothering you deep down inside yourself. I know because that's my issue. I am so terrified to dig out the root of my true emotions. We will find it. I know it. Yeah I hate when I can't get the tears out when needed cause it kicks my butt...then my body take the brunt. I almost feel like I don't let myself "feel" when that happens and the tears get stuck, and then there goes my body...full blown panic attack.

  • Thanks so much for your reply; I'm lying here in the lounge room, watching Love Actually by myself because my fiancΓ© is upstairs asleep......again.

    You see, when we argue, which is all my fault, he calls me names :( Names that even my ex never used on me......names that should never be forgiven.....but I'm becoming numb to the sting of the words water off a ducks back.....

    But this afternoon......hes using the silent treatment......hours and hours of sleeping and ignoring me.....punishing me for being upset?????? Why am I being punished? I was the one called names and yelled at....... Now this......

    I'm sorry for rambling.......this is not the right sight for verbal abuse issues's the main part of my anxiety at the moment.

    There was a time when he adored me.......wouldn't lay a hand on me, or utter an unkind word.....

    Now...... He's broken my heart......

    I can forgive him.....already have......but once you kick a dog in the guts, you loose his trust forever.

    Can you have love.....without respect?

    Has he fallen out of love with me?

    Why else would he start to treat me like this.....

    He used to call me his princess.....

    Now he called me something I wouldn't want to refer to my worst enemy as.

    Time for me to try to get some more sleep.......the loneliest night I've had in a long time.....

    the neighbours are laughing and having a great time......and here I am, alone, heartbroken and empty.

    For anyone reading this who feels the agony of heartache and pain........i feel for you.......

    Goodnight people......thank goodness for this site.....

    "Tomorrow is a brand new never know what the tide will bring in......" Cast Away

  • I can see how that makes you feel that way, but let me ask you this....why do you want to marry someone, nonetheless, stay with a man who treats you that way??😟

  • Fair comment staystrong85

  • Anxiety is taking over my life and this is why I feel I want to go to sleep and not wake up most days .. It is so so painful .. Just now am having an emotional moment .. I am struggling at this time :(

  • Hi, I am sorry for you. These past couple days have been rough on me. So many emotions stuck inside. So much confusuon and fear. Waking up is so painful some days. I am desperate for peace.

  • Sounds to me your improving good for you i know how dam hard it is when it comes to sleep I still have trouble sleeping i feel it getting better also same thing with me the morning is when anxiety kicks in for me sometimes at night not alot like before

  • Same hear hate geting up next day to do it again its just the thougth off dying thats the main symptom and makes me worse

  • I agree. 😧I truly do trying to stay strong, but it takes over even when I think I got it handled.

  • I am totally shocked i thought i was the only person in the entire universe who is suffering from such symptoms but now I know am not going crazy at least not alone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Nope, totally not alone.πŸ™„ There are many of us.

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