sorry,i'm doing it again, but, why are the mornings so hard?

Why are anxiety levels and irrationality are always so strong first thing. Is this just early morning adrenaline, or lower sugar levels, or lack of focus?

Those uncomfortable feelings that used to last a few minutes, now seem to hang around a bit longer.

I had a good day yesterday, after a shaky start. I decided I'd had enough of these negative unhelpful thoughts, so i kept telling them to "go away", or words to that effect. I felt like me again. I was really hoping that this morning would be easier. Slowly but surely


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  • Hi the mornings always the worse , your doing well to telling these bad thoughts to go away . This is a good sign . I have had anxiety for most of my life and live with it daily so I know how you feel .

    All the best to you and if you to chat send me a message. Be positive


  • I find mornings the worst too. I do seem to remember someone mentioning cortisol is highest in the mornings so that may be the reason, but whatever, it's horrible. You had a good day yesterday, so that can happen again today ... Hope it does.

  • Yes mornings for me are not good...but recently through experience I realise that that doesn't mean the whole day will be bad......hope your feeling better...


  • Ps sometimes I don't think it's just the mornings it's when you wake from sleep anytime of the day...doesn't always last but when you wake you feel blummin awful.


  • I've been thinking it could be us, thinking and planning whilst in our sleep, then we wake up, all the thoughts come out, and get a little adrenaline pop. I find its then we should do our practice, then move on into the day, we may be anxious at first, but it will wear off eventually.



  • Thank you all for your kind, thoughtful and supportive comments. This is a great community, and you are all great people.

  • Mornings are the worst for me too, especially if I wake up really early and can't get back to sleep, (who can !!). My thoughts go into overdrive and it's just awful. I do go for a long walk every morning at about 6.45am and that really does the trick for me. I always feel good on the way back.Exercise releases good endorphins I have read , certainly works for me. All the best.

  • Mornings are bad for me too.

    I wake with a jolt and my heart pumping hard.

    On a good day it wears off after an hour or two, while on a bad day it's with all the time.

    I can never predict which it'll be except I know I feel worse in sunny or bright days than cool cloudy ones.

  • Mornings are often really hard going especially when one has planned to do so much the day before, then it all goes wrong the next day. Just have to stick with it and let it pass, forge on knowing its only in the mind and can not do you any harm apart from feeling so disappointed. Rememember the good days and know they will come again, they always doo. Hugs cotonroad . .

  • In my considered opinion, mornings should be banned! xx

  • Yes bonkerswoman I agree ban them. I have awful fear in the morning I have to tell myself every time I wake up "you are safe". I have no reason to leave the house at the moment and live alone. I highly recommend doing a guided meditation from the internet first thing and go out if possible.

    I like this one.

  • No reason to go out?? It's the afternoon!! Once I am up and going, I do get better (usually). When I worked(retired) everyone knew I didn't do the morning and they were very good about it. They usually started talking to me about 11 o'clock. I was teaching and even the children used to laugh and tell each other to be good before morning break. One lad (5) used to have a card with a smiley face on one side and a grumpy one on the other. He turned it round for me as the morning went on. I miss those kids - they were a reason for getting up. M

  • oops. pressed wrong button....Much nicer than adults. xx

  • Mine lasts a few hpurs until meds kick in - worst feeling ever

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