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Head pains. Please help

Hello all. Just wanted to know if y'all ever just get a dull random pain on only one side of your head??? And it only last for a few seconds . And then I start feeling dizzy.

I had a cat scan about 1 year ago and it came back clear. But what if they missed something or now the problem just came out of nowhere. Has anyone had this problem before? Please help :(

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Hello. Sorry to hear about your headaches. If we start at the basic thing first - cat/mri or any other type of scans don't miss things. If your scan was negative for anything unusual then you can believe that - so thats good news :-) The next thing is that illness of the type you think you might have does not just come out of nowhere. If you think you have a brain tumour for example then it would have shown when you had a scan - there would also be other signs as tumours will normally take some time to develop. Your balance would certainly be affected, and possibly your vision, weakness and possible difficulty in speaking.

What seems to be far more likely is that you have what are called 'stress headaches'. This is a very common occurrence when people suffer from health anxiety and stress. If you are able to lie down and relax the headache should go away.




Sorry to hear you are suffering with headaches , I get headaches and migraines to

I think it would be very unlikely that within a year after getting the all clear this would be nothing more than maybe tension that is causing these pains , I get pains shoot through and it can make you go ouch as they are that sharp when you feel them but l have had to put my faith in my Doctor and believe them that nothing is wrong , it is never easy when we have a fear to do this but they know better than we do even though our anxiety thinks it knows better than they do , but it doesn't :-/

I was talking to someone the other day that actually had a Brain tumor and do you know they never got headache it was not a headache that were the symptoms they were suffering from before they were diagnosed and I won't say what their symptoms were because if you are like me you will be feeling them next but this is not the first person I have ever spoken to that has had a Brain tumor and they have said the same thing so it seems it is not necessarily the case that headache is a sure sign of a Brain Tumor

I hope you feel a little reassured you are not the first person to get these kind of stabbing pains and won't be the last , if they get really troublesome ten go and see your Doctor so they can reassure you and put your mind at rest

I hope by the time yo have read your replies the pains have gone :-)

Take Care x


Same here i had a ct scan 2 years ago came back clear and the other day i started getting pinpicks on my left side of my head and i was freaking out they would come and go and last only a few seconds i touched m on it and it would soothe its weird and scary.


Hi Kimbosuki, yes I have gotten than dull random pain on one side of my head. Mine happen to be a little above the temple. When we are anxious, we tend to grip down on our teeth which could cause a nerve like referred pain to the head. I believe the fact that you get dizzy is because of the fear of that pain which is a part of the anxiety disorder. I use to get relief by putting a warm wash cloth on my face in order to relax the tense muscles. Try not to worry especially since you have had a cat scan.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for all of your replies! Y'all have put my mind to ease! I feel so much better! The only thing I'm trying to get over is my dizziness but I feel a lot better. Thanks y'all!!!


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