Sharp and dulling pains!!

Hi everyone, so today I'm at work and I keep having these weird pains in the left side of my chest area , more so it feels like the left breast and side of my back! Its sharp and it comes and goes!! Its really freaking me out! I know my menstrual cycle is due in about 12 days or so!! But this has really got my stress and anxiety level way up there! I've been stressed about a lot in the past week! Could this be the culprit? Cause my mind always result to " I'm having a heart attack"!! Please help๐Ÿ˜ฅ


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  • Hello

    Are you feeling slightly calmer now :-)

    I don't think you are having a heart attack even though I am not a Doctor but sounds like you are really wound up and your body is letting you know !

    Women can tend to get more anxious round their menstrual cycle time and I think this will also be contributing

    Maybe keep a diary and see if during a month there is a pattern that you get more anxious and then if the same happens again the following month and so on , this can make you then become aware of what is happening and then you can work on different ways to keep yourself more calmer and relaxed round this time :-)

    Maybe a nice long soak tonight in the bath and start to unwind will help and wondering have you ever been for a massage , if you can afford it this could be something else that would help , I know when I have my hair done they give you a head massage , not for long mind you but just those few minutes it is lovely and I can feel the tension coming out so I do think they help us unwind but never been lucky enough to go and have the full works , but maybe one day :-)

    Take Care x

  • Yes I have been keeping a calendar for these symptoms it just feels weird none like the others I've been having around this time@ bounce. Its really scaring me I had to leave work I'm at home in the bed if this continues I'm going to the ER I'm so afraid

  • Hello

    I am sorry you are still feeling so bad

    I know when I have had something that has caused me anxiety my anxiety always says it feels worse than the last time I had it but if you feel you need checking out then that is what you must do and please let us know how you get on :-) x

  • I will Bounce thank u so much for the kind words. Right now I'm in tears because I use to be so happy despite my circumstances! It seems like we've all been robbed of our joy! I would give anything to have that back!

  • O bless you

    If you feel like a good cry let the tears flow sometimes it does help release all the built up fear that we are holding in

    I know how you feel but believe me you will get back what you feel you have lost , it does take time though and a lot of patience with ourselves as we want it now and it does not often work that way but any little positives things that you achieve in any day hang on to them and feel good and don't let the negative one's take over because we tend to give all the negative one's such importance and push the positive ones out of sight !

    Getting through what sounds like has not been a good day for you is a positive because even if you have gone about it feeling you needed help or wanting to cry you have still got through the day and I sincerely hope tomorrow will bring a better day your way :-) x

  • You are absolutely right @bounce , it takes a lot to just make it through the day , but thank God its possible! I'm scheduling an appt tomorrow with a therapist so I can regain some type of stability, Lord knows I need it ๐Ÿ˜Š. I've calmed myself a bit thanks to u and some prayer!๐Ÿ™ I pray we all regain our strength and happiness again!!! Thank You!!

  • Hope you are feeling a little better today and good luck with your therapist appointment :-) x

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