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Woke up this morning already a little worried. I kind of fell asleep worried. It's so hard to assess where I am with my anxiety right now because I feel like I have made some progress but then again I can definitely still feel trapped in it and like I'm back to square one. I've done better with my eating this past week which is better because I was having to force myself to eat, lost alot of weight due to it. My sleeping is a little better, not as afraid to go to sleep anymore. Because I was barely getting 2 hours in a row in a whole night. And now I can say it's night I atleast get 3 hours before being awaken. But it's still broken sleep. But my brain still feels wierd, feels full, get head pressure, headaches behind my eyes, now I've began to feel more muscle weaknesses when I do get out or walk around the house my legs are the first to show sign of muscle tightening, still dizzy enough, and depersonalization is still there especially when I drive or do leave the house. I still get worried when I leave the house so like when I go to the store I start feeling like I can't walk and feeling detached. So I honestly don't know if I'm making any progress. I still wake up worried which starts my day off shaky. So I wanted to ask, can depersonalization or derealization come at anytime on me like anxiety? Because there are moments in my day that I do feel good, never in no real pain just always thinking constantly and mind racing. Also, is it still considered to be stress the fact that I'm still always thinking about my situation, my anxiety, and I'm always trying to figure it all out, trying to find answers? Does this basically mean im still stressed? Because if so would this explain the mild headaches that are still hanging around, the wierd brain sensations, and still have unruly stomach upset at times, nausea, etc.?


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  • I suspect introspection and self analysis is your worst enemy, like many of us here.

    Try to get your thoughts onto other things

  • Hi icanbeathis2016

    Thinking about anxiety it self can trigger fear about the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and a cycle begins.

    Trying to figure out why i'm anxious it does help me at times. For example if did not have good sleep, did not exercise for a long time , work or family stress, winter blues, too much work no play, so I try to do these if I can. Doing things that I really enjoy help me a lot but when it comes to jobs its hard to choose or get what you like.

    One thing that I find it hard to deal with is when I suddenly feel low in mood with no clear reason and all sorts of negative thoughts flood my mind and trigger anxiety.

    Having said the above accepting these thoughts and let them be, without fighting them does help, they do go eventually , But its not that easy we have to practise this all the time.

  • I do agree but I know for me when july came and this anxiety came back on me hard, I basically stopped doing everything I was doing. I was once a really busy person between running my kids around being a sports mom, my job, me exercising 3 days a week was trying to lose weight, trying to start my company doing my own marketing also trying to finish school. I can say I was always on the go physically and mentally and then soon as this anxiety crashed on me I stopped doing everything. And it's like my body is weak, muscles feel strained, can't even do something simple as walk around in the grocery store without feeling like I may fall from feeling weak. And this depersonalization sticks around even when I'm driving I feel detached some times.

  • May I ask what caused your depersonalization?

  • I have know idea. I've only learned about depersonalization after reading and researching about my anxiety and being on this forum seeing many people explain what depersonalization is. I've always called it being detached. But to answer your question, I don't know. From what I've read about anxiety my guess is that anxiety and my constant fears and worries lead to this. Depersonalization is on that list of symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. Which is what I'm going through.

  • I had depersonalization 30 yrs ago after the birth of my 1st child . I didn't know what was wrong wi tth me thought I was losing my mind no internet back then either. I got better though a willand too u

  • Well I was traumatized a little after finding out about my kidneys. That's when anxiety came on me hard and I was constantly afraid and worried for my health since that and things mentally kept me in tunnel vision really bad. I couldn't stay positive I became depressed and hen that when all kinds if symptoms and wierd things started happening like feeling detached/derealization/depersonalization

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