Feels like I'm on drugs

Does anyone ever feel like this? My vision is all screwed up and my head has pressure and headaches. I feel like when I walk I'm drunk or on some kind of drugs. It's really scary cause I'm not! I can't stop thinking I have some sort of virus or something. Is this what depersonalization/derealization feels like? Would love to hear others experiences


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  • Hi yes I'm the exact same. I've just tried to try to be out and about and went into town and as you say when I walk I feel like I'm on some sort of drugs it's horrible, I just wanted to be in my comfort zone which is my couch at home. Which is we're Iam now.ive never wanted to be home so badly in my life.i feel like I'm not in my own body anymore. Im Supose to be going for a family meal tonight I'm not quite sure how I'm going to be. I felt like today in town was just to many people around and it was horrible, I just wanted be at home were I'm kind of on my own with not as many people around me. X

  • Yeah it's really hard to handle, I can never tell what's going on. I'm in my comfort zone most time too. Hope we can find a way to beat this, I feel the head and visual symptoms are some of the worst

  • Yes, I have constant derealization and when it gets really bad it feels like some sort of crazy acid trip. Usually I just feel kind of drunk, like all of my thoughts are kind of fuzzy and I feel like I could black out or something. How is your anxiety?

  • Yeah that's kind of how I feel too. I guess this is what derealization feels like. My anxiety is pretty bad right now but it changes day by day, I feel like I wasn't that anxious before all this started then bam, random headaches, and now I'm a mess four months later. On my better days I feel pretty good, but on bad days I'm pretty anxious, my physical symptoms pretty much control my anxiety 

  • For the longest time my anxiety was caused by physical symptoms and I could not relax or sleep for long periods or even any sleep at all!  I thought I had anything from lupus to MS which Is very horrible.  

    It is a sort of relief that I'm not alone.  

    I really wonder what the triggers are.  Has any one travelled or lost someone recently?

  • I have the same issue which started about 6 months ago when I had a severe migraine that sent me to the ER, a couple of days later I came down with bronchitis and a bad sinus infection , I haven't been right since...I've been to a ent and a neurologist they both agree that I'm having tension migraines,so he put me on lyrica, I just started taking it last night, hopefully it will give some relief, I'm a single mom and work a full time job, fingers crossed. 

  • Hope things work out.  Let's see how things go with this lyrica

  • Hi everyone, have you considered your electrical environment as being the culprit.  I used to suffer crazy anxiety attacks, headaches, sleepless nights, depression, you name it.  When I recognised the DECT phone the other side of the party wall, as well as the phone mast not too far away, I placed the appropriate shielding up and guess what, all symptoms disappeared and only re-appear when I spend too long in an electrosmog environment.  I sleep inside a Swiss Shield Naturell canopy which offers peace and tranquility away from high frequency.  It might be worth checking out this site for further info cell-phone-radiation.com.  Fibromyalgia and ME were very few and far between before the proliferation of cell phones.

  • Ugh reading your posts I just want to hug you and take this all away. Yes!!! This is normal with anxiety. I had the EXACT SAME THING. But never believed anyone when they said it was common. I always thought I was that odd one out that actually had something terrible

  • Thanks for responding, you're so kind haha. I was always a little dizzy since my anxiety started four months ago but just the last two weeks it got really bad, like I can't even walk around my street for more than 5 minutes! I used to run a bit and now I can't :( glad to hear you felt the same way, it's been a tough two weeks

  • Have you talked to your doc?

  • I've been kind of messed up for four months and I've gotten a ton of tests done. Had an MRI two weeks ago which was clear but ever since I've felt a lot worse. No idea if MRIs can cause any side effects or if its a coincidence, but my new symptoms are weird since I can like barely do anything without horrible dizziness and headaches. Hopefully it settles down a bit, it just is scary and hard to stay calm. My biggest fear is something will go wrong while I'm sick and I'll ignore it because docs all tell me it's anxiety 

  • I think I may be experiencing this ...how long did this affect you for? How do I cure it

  • I dealt with this for over a year. And really let myself fall into it. I didn't take meds and went the all natural route. Massage, meditation, change in diet/lifestyle, exercise. and maybe have your hormonal balance checked. So many things can contribute to our stresses and anxieties that we may not even notice them. I suggest writing down when it effects you the most to see if there is some sort of pattern

  • I'm feeling a lot better than when I wrote this. It just kind of went away on its own really slowly over 2 months. I still feel off but it's not anywhere near as bad as when I wrote this, it was literally like I was high or drunk all day. It was scary as hell and super weird

    Sorry to say there's no magic cure. I did massage therapy and I tried to ignore it as much as possible (I dunno how successful I was cause I felt scared all the time haha) but it slowly eased up. I'm not sure how much the massages helped, but it doesn't hurt to try I guess. If you have any more questions let me know, I would love to help in any way.

    Just know that it does get better!

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