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Aside from my humorous post I just posted. I was curious to know. Does anybody notice like certain foods may trigger anxiety symptoms or reactions which make your anxiety worse? Also, I know this maybe tmi but has anyone notice when before it's time to have a bm that sensation your body gives off, did anyone notice or get anxiety from having the bm sensation? In other words it it's seems like I will get a sudden anxiety rush or wierd symptoms from out of no where and then shortly as I'm going through it, I will also get the bm feeling like it's time to go have a bm and then once I go like minutes later my anxiety symptoms calm back down or go away. As if the bm sensations bring on the anxiety too? Or maybe every little thing is just magnified and I feel it and it brings on anxiety. Just curious to know if anyone has these issues too.


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  • I used to love coffee but ever since I started having panic attacks I'm guaranteed a panic attack if I drink it. I think any type of food that's strenuous on your heart will aggravate anxiety, refined sugars especially and things high in sodium. The foods people typically eat nowadays are bad for so many reasons and are possibly linked to strange illnesses such as migraines and fibromyalgia so I'm overall convinced that most foods throw off the chemical balance in your body. As for the bm I can't relate specifically but in my case the feeling of urgency can trigger my anxiety and vise versa so I theorize it would be related to that.

  • Yes I definitely realize coffee was a no no for me. That one day I had just a small cup and it still sent my anxiety through the roof.

  • Icanbeathis2016, each one of us has triggers for our anxiety, mine being the things that LowkeyLoki mentioned as well as MSG and Sugar Substitutes. We find out by trial and error. Learn to trust what your body is telling you, As for the bm sensation bringing on anxiety? YES Everyone feels that sensation but does not react to it as the anxious person does. We are so overly sensitive to everything we feel good or bad as well as a natural process of life, that we feel anxiety overtake us.

  • I guess I have to learn and I grow. I have tried to start a journal of what I eat but that didn't last long. But I'm definitely starting to feel as if certain foods trigger my anxiety but I just don't know what yet. As for the bm sensation. I guess it could be how sensatized I am to everything

  • Yes for sure. I bought a book because of this. The Anti Anxiety Food Solution and will be cooking for anxiety soon.

  • That sounds interesting HopingCat. I'm going to look into that. Thanks for sharing. x

  • Welcome! When this hell started I ran to the groceries store and bought a bunch of foods that are good for the brain and anxiety. These are a few and I eat them almost everyday...









    And so on...

  • Thank you sooo much HopingCat. Well I can check off milk and occasional Salmon so I have a ways to go. x

  • Wow! And none of which I eat on a daily. But it's worth a try to change my diet

  • For sure. I will share some recipes when I get the book.

  • I feel like this too. I was wondering was it adrenaline? tmi again, but I have ibs and get a lot of cramping and diarrhoea, and before I need to go, I can get a rush of anxiety and feel my skin getting clammy and hot. This happened today and my nose got blocked and runny too, so I was thinking it must be an allergy, or possibly some inflammation within the body. I read somewhere about the vagus nerve causing anxiety to rush through your body, and that it can be stimulated by your stomach being bloated. It's all detective work, I feel, and difficult to find answers for everything.

  • Yes I get those same sensations too when it's time for a bm and don't worry I think I have ibs too. I was never diagnosed by a doc with it but after reading what it is I feel I go through all of those signs.

  • Yes, any foods with a lot of sugar or added ingredients. So other than my "fun days" every once in awhile where I go out to a family gathering or go out to dinner with my boyfriend I stay away from added sugar and added ingredients; these foods/drinks would like be most frozen foods, candies, and sodas.

  • I was starting to think so that sugars that's are in foods and sweets can bring this on.

  • I agree MarBar 94. I definitely think diet has something to do with it. This last week I have had a lot of sugar and my anxiety has gotten worse the last few days.

  • Hello, I really believe that foods trigger our anxiety...I have read your past post and everything that you have listed has happened to me, I feel fear and doom, I'm constantly worried about heath etc...this all started about a month ago, I just knew I was dying...turns out it's GAD it got worst after I had my daughter...I even went to my ob...she said it's also POSTPARTUM ANXIETY!!! I'm trying to elimate all the foods that cause triggers such as soda that has caffeine and watch my sugar intakes! I was having panic attacks at least 4 times a week! I can't wait till this is over!

  • Gluten is something to look into. The wheat that we consume now has been genetically modified. It is different than the wheat that everyone ate back in Bible times. Also, it is full of pesticides. Gluten can exacerbate anxiety and IBS, and cause all sorts of other symptoms. Everyone's body is different but you could try two weeks gluten free to check if you have any relief.

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