Hoe i feel on a thursday

Inwoke up fine today but now that i showered i feel like crap yesterday i did have one beer but that was it. Today i feel like sick to my stumach chest area i feel like my heart beat is going low man i hate this crap i tell my self that u will pass yes it will but it is scary at the same time . I hate it when intterfur my daily rutine i dont even feel like getting off the car to pick up my son from school . Im sapose to go to the mall and get the selena mac make up that just came out but man idk how i feel in the mall too many ppls its messen up my life i wish ppls like us dont have to go threw this. I mean honeslty the ppls that do hard core drugs dont get an issue like this not that im judgeing but ppls that never touch drugs have problems does that make sence . Plus my eyes are so itchy i have black cyrles i look sick why me why me ??


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  • Your just having a bad night Hun try to remember that tomorrow is a new day! Try get in bed and sleep are you in the UK is it night time maybe get in bed and try sleep or listen to one of the apps you can get I have headspace if I'm having a moment I'll listen to that helps abit did you say you smoked weed or is that someone else I've spoke too sorry if it's not you I've spoke to so many diff people haha

  • I'm from the United States California right now it's 2 o'clock p.m. but yeah I was one of the people that smoke weed but I don't not really smoke weed only one I need it I was thinking about trying some later but I'm kind of scared but it just sucks cuz I feel super sick and I don't know what it could be and I thought it was my blood pressure but the Coca-Cola and it's not really doing much

  • Ahh okay I'm in the UK it's 10pm now, I too am someone who smokes it I have never touched drugs (till I smoked weed🙈 Not even cigs each too their own but I'm against drugs don't like anything to do with them but I'm a really bad sleeper an was watching my partner sleep peacefully every night feelin jealous so one night I asked him could I try it an I've smoked it now for about a year only at bed time I have it in my head that I'll smoke that an can sleep as it does help me so I only smoke it at bed times ! Or some times if I'm bad il have a drag or two it calms me down but I know isn't good in the long run it's also good when you feel sick the THC helps the sickly feeling !

  • Yes i believe it it helps me when my heart goes fast i never touch any other drug either but weed i use to be a pot head in high school before i had kids lol i miss thise lifes in a way lol i want to get my medical marijauna to be legal or for when i at least when i apply for jobs ....i should of smoked when i left the house my eyes are already red from allergies lol

  • I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I'm also having problem a with my heart and it's making me feel like I don't want to do anything either. I suggest you seek medical advice ASAP and try to get this sorted.

    Best of luck- Daniel

  • I already have it sucks they say everything is fine did the holtier monitor thang for a month i do have a whole in my heart but they said it wasnt deadly but still . I hope they can u as well it sucks to go through this feeling not knowing what can happen but be posotive or try to be my eyes are killn me there so itchy

  • I'm sorry to hear about the hole in your heart. And yeah heart problems suck. I hate them. One point I thought I'll just take my own life so I don't have to suffer but that's a silly thing to think. Anyway time goes on I guess.

    Hope you're okay- Daniel

  • Your me too. But i have my kids to live for and u really think about it its really not that bad but there some days that can be bad. Its crazy to think of it this way because my twin brother is the oppiste of me his blood pressure border line of high blood pressure mine low blood pressurr . He dont have anxiety i do ....he dont have problems i do. He the tougher one im the cry baby and the weakling lol hes big fat i use to be fat well not technally but i weight 147 last summer now im 103 sucks ....its crazy i guess he more like my mom im more like my dad thats ehy im afriad to die from a heart attck 😕

  • The fear of a heart attack is a common fear when it comes to anxiety. I've feared dying of one since I was old enough to understand what a heart attack was. It sucks because when the heart murmur things happen I get scared that I'll never see my family or my girlfriend ever again. But I guess it's okay.


  • True but still a scary thing ...all we gotta do is love life and thank god that we r here

  • Very well said. I agree.


  • U guys made me laugh reading your whole conversation i needed it but onto a serious note we are going to have good and bad days somedays i just want to give up but we cant give up we have got to fight and pull through

  • Yes i know its hard

  • I know its hard but dont give up

  • I just hate the fact that i feel.likenmy heart is going to stop like it feels.like its goimg slow.incan feel it on my neck and chest

  • I remember having that feeling before it is scary

  • Yes ots horriable

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