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Heart Palpitations

I seem to get them nearly everyday, might be a few, might be a lot and sometimes it's in a spell on like palpitation attacks happening for 10 minutes or so. Obviously big pounds that feel like your heart stopped are unnerving and make you jump a little and this usually triggers an adrenaline response which is crap. I've noticed recently I'm getting palpitations during mid conversation, first time getting these and it's annoying because it throws you off the conversation and makes you want to remain silent and end the conversation because they keep happening every minute or so if I keep talking. Does anybody else get this ? The palpitations are getting out of control, they happen to much to ignore, I just wished they would go away, if they did my anxiety would be a lot more manageable.

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Hi DMcghie, the reason that's happening when you are talking with someone is because we are so wired. Talking is excitable to the anxious person so we may be holding our breath as we try to finish a sentence or breathing too fast. Either way, it affects the beat of our heart. I sometimes get lightheaded when talking, I actually can feel the adrenaline rise. The way to abate this is to allow others to interact in the conversation while you are deep breathing and exhaling slowly allowing your mind and body to tone down. When you are ready to speak, do so more slowly. It will help and you won't have to remain silent or end your conversation abruptly.

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Thanks for the reply and the In depth answer. What you about holding my breath, I actually thought that was happening but didn't know if it was just in my head that I wasn't breathing whilst talking and yes I go light headed as well sometimes during conversation. I know try and think about my conversation pattern.

Palpitations are annoying as hell though, even if you ignore some it eventually gets in top of you because of frequency you get them.

For instance as I'm typing this I've been getting one ever minute, but I don't feel anxious and they just keep coming no matter how much ignore them. It's even more weird due to the fact my heart rate seems normal, it's not like too slow or fast it's just sitting at the resting pace.


It's very intriguing to hear all your accounts of anxiety.

I have to admit that it puts my issues at ease for a time until I feel the next sensation!!

I have always been a hypercondriac since the age of 16.

I genuinely believed I had a heart problem, especially as my mother has pre hyper-tension(albeit well controlled).

Because of my incessant symptoms & constant anxiety I've had numerous heart tests and all of them have come back fine which I thought would allay my worries but as usual I'm put at ease for a period then the fears come back again.

The funny thing is though, I'm very fit, always have been but although I'm often reminded that if I had a heart problem I wouldn't be able to be anyway near as physical as I am, it doesn't seem to solve the problem.

Over the last week or so I've been experiencing sleep anxiety.

I start falling a asleep then am suddenly jolted awake at the fear of my heart stopping.

It's becoming the bane of my life.


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