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My name is Tanya, i just came across this site. I have battled with anxiety for over 20 years. Lately my anxiety has been getting the better of me, making myself physically ill, unable to leave the house or even do basic grocery shopping.

It is just so frustrating that this STILL happens.

i see doctors, take medication, do breathing exercises etc. this is a seemingly endless cycle.

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Welcome to the Anxiety Forum aurablu... There are many of us who have Agoraphobia as well as Anxiety issues. You will find that you are not alone. Let me tell you that it will get better. I too was unable to leave my house or do grocery shopping or go to the doctors.

You mentioned what you are doing but not what you are "not" doing. As long as the negative thoughts exist, it feeds into our anxiety. Medication alone is not the answer but just a crutch to help you while getting therapy or using other modalities as you move forward. As long as it feels like a battle for you and you are feeling frustrated, the circle of anxiety will continue. Something or someone needs to break that circle of fear and that is you. On this site you will learn different approaches to Anxiety. Keep an open mind and try what is best for you.

It will all boil down to you once again taking control of your life, your thoughts, your actions. I do believe in therapy being an important step while on meds in order to get unstuck and start the forward motion.

Please share your thoughts and concerns. There will always be someone who will support and understand what you feel. My best to you aurablu....

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Thank you!! I know that i am my own worst enemy. It gets frustrating when it seems you know all the why's, how's and whatnot. Yet still paralyzed from all the chaos.

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Hi aurablu

Check out dr claire weekes and barry mcdonagh on YouTube, both give great advice, your not alone with this, pleased you've joined the forum xx

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You've come to a great place and will find a lot of support here.

One of the major things that people with anxiety tend to do is try to fight the way they feel and not accept what is happening. Of course it is normal to try to stop all these types of feelings because to you they are not normal. But when you fight they come back stronger... Am I right? So why not acknowledge that it is there, take in the information it is giving you and say "Thank you!"

Its all about how you react to the situation. The situation is the same but it is the reaction that needs to change. From there you begin changing your feelings about it and then your thoughts and so on.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Then you will notice that these feelings will go away. Remember there are GREAT days and not so GREAT days but you they are still there. Be hopeful. It is a great thing to have.


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