Hi, my name is oldhand. I say this because i've had anxiety and depression for over twenty years starting in early childhood. The best way to decribe my feelings is to watch the video's on the nhs website. I've been on escitalopram for 10 years on various doses after finally being diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, I have had numerous anxiety attack triggers (relationship break ups, job stress, home stress, social anxiety you name it...)and would like to help other people as well as myself to cope with this condition.


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  • Hi oldhand

    Welcome , sounds like you have found the right site

    Relate to everything you say , start posting & I am sure you will get loads of help along with helping others

    Lovely people on here & that seems along with our problems another common bond we all have :-)

    whywhy x

  • Youv,e found the golden fleece......get reading some other posts and questions...ignore the one about ovulating...ha ha.....

  • welcome, it really is tuff when your juggling so meny anxieties, fears and depression, still you have come to the right place. how do you cope? cos i feel so confussed and bewildered by it all. x

  • Hi, how do I cope? Sometimes I haven't. I have not been helping myself very much with cbt side so i'm researching again.

  • Welcome Oldhand! this sounds as if you are going to be a big help on here. A safe place to let off steam and ask questions and get answers. Lovely to have you on board x Ella x

  • Has anyone on here been referred to NHS psychotherapy in the last 5 years? They seem to be referring people to private therapists now. (including myself). Any experiences?

  • Hi. oldhand Welcome to the site. A GREAT bunch on here, believe me. Listen and you wont go far wrong. They speak from experience and there is no substitute for that. If you are being referred to a private therapist then you are fortunate. In my view a good counsellor is worth their weight in gold. In anxiety to be able to talk face to face is invaluable. Combined with this site you should be on your way. No matter how long you have suffered, given the right treatment and advice you can recover. There is no such thing as chronic anxiety. (Don't quote me to a doctor on that, they don't believe it!). There are only people suffering who have not had the right help or who have not found the right treatment (for them). Keep posting and, again, good to have you with us. j.

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